Reaching Across the Aisle – The C-Party

Government ShutdownI read something the other day that made real sense to me.  I think a large majority of us feel our elected “representatives” in Washington are causing a real  bottleneck, to say the least.  Nobody there seems to want to play nice in the political sandbox.  Every John Q. Public has an opinion on what’s going on in those hallowed halls that pave our American Way.  The lack of negotiation and compromise is causing some serious problems in this country’s ability to move forward.  And when those in our government reach an impasse, their solution is to buy more time before the next critical deadline and subsequent impasse is to take place.

I’d like you to read the article I read the other day.  It is an outline for a new political possibility that is based on common sense.  It is based on the grounds that we as owners of this country should believe in.  Yes, WE OWN this country.  We the people own this country.  Not political parties, not China, not the television networks. (more…)


The Woes of Washington

lincoln-memorialThe sequester.  It’s another deadline our government has to face.  It’s another fiscal cliff.  Another do or die.  Another put up or shut up.  Another comeback in the bottom of the ninth.  Another last-ditch effort.  Another


It seems the most popular thing in American government today (besides the impossibility of compromise) are the deadlines that keep popping up all over the place.  Every few months we have to listen to the finger-pointing, partisan politics and those in power treating us, the American public, like we’re idiots.  These practices have become the norm and I’ve really noticed it much more in the past few years.  I believe it was Nancy Pelosi who perfected the craft.  It’s a scary thing to see.


North Korea: The Hub of Stupidity

north-korea-sucksI’m sure almost everyone is aware by now North Korea conducted their third nuclear test last Tuesday, provoking even more condemnation from the world community.  This time even China, North Korea’s only major ally, wasn’t happy about this latest round of foolishness from those idiots.  And of course, North Korea is spouting off about further escalation if the United States complains about their test.  But here’s what I don’t get – the world keeps drawing the line in the sand, then North Korea puts their toe over that line, the world backs up a little bit and redraws the line, the toe goes over it again, and the same nonsense continues for eternity.

North Korea keeps using that same toe while the rest of us have to keep drawing new lines as we keep taking a step backward each time.  We know the world is flat, so is this just North Korea trying to push us backward until we fall off the edge? (more…)

What’s The Difference?

whatever-worksWhat’s the difference between right and wrong?  What’s the difference between having something and not having something?  What’s the difference between that thin line and whatever lies on either side of that line?  What’s the difference between asking a question and getting an answer?

I’m in an etherial mood for some reason…

When I’m warm I try to cool down.  When I’m cold I try to warm up.  Up, down, down, up. Do I ever seem to reach a temperature somewhere between that defines comfort and perfection?  Sometimes yes, and when that happens, it’s like the perfect harmonic pitch from a tuning fork.


The Hullabaloo Over Gun Control

guncontrolOk, so Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher pulled out a gun and shot his girlfriend last week.  After killing her he shot and killed himself.  Big news story, but nothing really out of the ordinary these days.  The story gained national attention because he was a professional football player.  But let’s face it, this kind of thing happens every day in America.  But because this was a high-profile case, the gun control maniacs start coming out of the woodwork to spread their gospel.  People who have a soapbox like Bob Costas start proclaiming their opinion as reality.  Everyone has an opinion, just like everyone has an assh*le.

I don’t care who does what with a gun.  The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, which is part of the United States Bill of Rights, protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms.  This document also states the need for a well-regulated militia as being necessary to the security of a free State.  This is a freedom, a right, and a responsibility this country was founded on.  It’s just like the freedom of religion, or the freedom of the right to gather in public, the freedom of speech, and all the other cool freedoms we have in the United States that other countries don’t have. (more…)

Lemmings Over the Fiscal Cliff

At 12:00am on January 1st we will follow the United States government over the fiscal cliff.  While everyone is partying and celebrating the new year each of us will be moving closer to that cliff, many without even realizing it.  As the party streamers fly and the glass ball drops in Times Square, our government will fail and lead us all over that cliff.  We will have no choice but to follow these leaders that we elected to serve our interests.  We will have no choice but to teeter on the cliff’s edge, then ultimately fall over that precipice, like taking the plunge off the top of a 200 story building.  As we plummet our bodies will twist, turn, contort and spindle out of control.  Some of us will likely pass out from the distance of the fall or from banging off other people on the way down.  It might be just like the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona.

But fear not for we will all land.  Not necessarily on our feet, but we will land.  And when we do we will survey the new world around us.  Of course, I already know what this new world will be like because I have seen the future.  Trust me, it’s going to be a little different around these parts. (more…)

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