Boston and the World Rise Above Terrorism

boston-marathon-bombingTraditionally, the third Monday of April is called Patriot’s Day in New England.  It is a right of spring in this part of the country.  The spring thaw, though not yet completed, is well underway.  The chirps and calls from endless varieties of birds fill the soundscape of the early morning and as people begin their day, they know this day will be a little warmer than yesterday.  Baseball season has begun and people are filled with reasons for new optimism.

Patriot’s Day means the running of the Boston Marathon.  Another annual footfest of self-discipline and endurance, of challenging one’s self and fighting a physical and emotional battle from within.  It means there are goals to be reached and obstacles to be overcome.  It has the three elements of every good story; man versus man, man versus nature, and man versus himself.


What’s The Difference?

whatever-worksWhat’s the difference between right and wrong?  What’s the difference between having something and not having something?  What’s the difference between that thin line and whatever lies on either side of that line?  What’s the difference between asking a question and getting an answer?

I’m in an etherial mood for some reason…

When I’m warm I try to cool down.  When I’m cold I try to warm up.  Up, down, down, up. Do I ever seem to reach a temperature somewhere between that defines comfort and perfection?  Sometimes yes, and when that happens, it’s like the perfect harmonic pitch from a tuning fork.


Ho-Hum, It’s Super Sunday

unknown-quantity-super-bowl-who-caresToday we Americans celebrate something uniquely American – Super Sunday.  It’s time to get together and behold the true American Spectacle.  Chicken wings, bowls of chip dip shaped like footballs, really awesome commercials, high-fives, bear hugs, and people puking on your front lawn.  The game-day coverage begins before the sun comes up, everything is analyzed to the hundredth degree, and all the “experts” come out of the woodwork to give their opinion and oh yeah, there is a football game.

The Super Bowl puts a spotlight on American excess for the whole world to see.  Even in a bad economy it’s our chance to show everyone else how much overindulgence we have in something even as simple as a football game. (more…)

Hey NHL – It’s Gary Bettman’s Turn To Be Locked Out

A Pure idiotI woke up Sunday morning to the news of the NHL lockout being over.  Let me rephrase that – the NHL owners and the NHL Player’s Association came to a tentative contract agreement and it still needs to be ratified by the players.

Oh joy, we hockey fans now get to be treated to a schedule of about 48 games.  When the Stanley Cup is hoisted in June, it won’t mean a thing.  There won’t be a full season grind to determine playoff seeding and there won’t be an all-star game or Winter “Classic”.  All we’ll really have is the entertainment of seeing how Gary Bettman will spin the lockout to fans in his attempt to heal fan’s wounds.  The last time this happened, the NHL put a “Thank You Fans” logo on each arena’s ice surface.  It warmed my heart and mystically made all of my hard feelings dissolve and drift away like a white, puffy cloud passing through the sky overhead.

No, it didn’t.  I’m no elephant but I can remember the last decade easily.

Last time, Bettman said the lockout was necessary for the betterment of the game.  I think now is the time, for the real betterment of the game, to lock Gary Bettman out once and for all with no negotiation, no mediator, nothing.  Kick the guy out the door and let him collect his pension in a far away place where he can’t hurt the game any more than he already has. (more…)

Mission Accomplished

I’m awake early on the day after Thanksgiving.  Why?  No, I’m not participating in any of the Black Friday shenanigans.  That’s not me.  I’m up early because we achieved all of our goals on Thanksgiving Day.

GOAL #1 – Coffee while reading news headlines on my laptop followed by making a classic breakfast of eggs, sausage and toast.  This goal was a necessity because Thanksgiving is a drinking holiday for us and it is imperative to get things started with caffeine and food in our systems.  CHECK.

GOAL #2 – Get into the swim spa with our designated drinks of the day and get the party started.  It was a beautiful fall day in New England without a cloud to be found in the sky.  It was 55 degrees and the spa was set to 100 degrees.  A nice, relaxing two hours in the spa puts a warmth into your body that lasts for hours afterward.  We enjoyed the spa while Cheli layed in the grass on a gorgeous day. (more…)

Thankful To Be Thankful

How can you not get all melancholy around Thanksgiving?  People tend to think of things they are thankful for.  Most people are thankful for family, friends, having a job, a new flavor of Doritos being test marketed or whatever.  This year is no different for me – I always try to put a list together in my head and gee, I am thankful for so many things.  Let’s take a second to look inside my skull and see what’s in there for Thanksgiving 2012.

C’mon in – There’s a comfy chair over there in the corner and a soft light on.  Kick your feet up on the ottoman if you’d like…

This year I am first and foremost thankful for recently joining the ranks of the unemployed.  Hold on, don’t feel badly for me, this is a good thing.  Legally, I can’t say anything about anything to do with my last job without getting my pants sued off of me.  But let me just say the last month and a half working there was the most stressful period of my life and I have lived through some pretty stressful times, my friends.  Having this time off allows me to heal from that experience and get things done around the house.  Financially, I am fine and this unemployment thing won’t cause me any hardship.  I am truly thankful for this time to decompress and realign my strategies.

Now to the really serious stuff. (more…)

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