Worthwhile Donations for Year-End 2019

Sometimes I get a bit tired of working for a living. Sure, I enjoy what I do and I am paid very well to do it. Like many, there are times when I dream of winning the lottery and having oodles of money to do with whatever I want. When the Powerball jackpot climbs to a ridiculous amount I can’t help but think of the luxuries and freedoms such winnings could bring. And then I automatically switch gears and worry about the pitfalls of winning a huge sum of money that could possibly ruin my life. That’s just me – I always think of the potential downside(s) that can go with any upside. And of course the question of whether to continue working or simply retire starts pulling on my brain.

With great winnings come great responsibility, I suppose.


Why Dogs Rule Earth

dogs-with-tennis-ballsThose who know me know I’m a dog person.  In my opinion there are two types of people: dog people and non-dog people.  Those of us who are dog lovers are an inner circle, a special breed, if you will.  We are the people who know and understand the special things dogs add to our lives.  They are little things, big things, and important things.  They are tangibles and intangibles and they are all positive elements that enhance our days.

When you’re not looking for a friend he comes to you, wagging his tail, giving you kisses, and you realize you’re glad he found you.  A dog is always anxiously waiting for you at the door when you come home and their boisterous greeting says your homecoming makes them happy and complete.  And it makes you feel good to be home.  You feel an instant sense of being needed and more importantly, you are told in no uncertain terms you are loved.  The unconditional love given by a dog is something that comes naturally to them unlike the way humans have to learn it through familiarity.


What’s The Difference?

whatever-worksWhat’s the difference between right and wrong?  What’s the difference between having something and not having something?  What’s the difference between that thin line and whatever lies on either side of that line?  What’s the difference between asking a question and getting an answer?

I’m in an etherial mood for some reason…

When I’m warm I try to cool down.  When I’m cold I try to warm up.  Up, down, down, up. Do I ever seem to reach a temperature somewhere between that defines comfort and perfection?  Sometimes yes, and when that happens, it’s like the perfect harmonic pitch from a tuning fork.


Break The Routine – Go RVing!

Just like a well-trained dog, a lot of my life revolves around routine.  I have the same routine during the week and I have a different routine I follow on weekends.  The reason I rationalize such behavior is I believe it helps to keep a household running smoothly.  Certain things need to be done at certain intervals to make sure everything is taken care of.  By everything I mean bills being paid on time, having food to eat, living in a clean house, having clean clothes to wear, etcetera etcetera etcetera.  I pride myself on being the master of the things that make up my routine.  I’ve always been on the anal retentive side which is probably why I do what I do for a living.

Keeping everything running smoothly is one thing, but over time I have realized sometimes my life has become so routine that it’s…routine.  I have even figured out how to include fun things into a routine to the point where they become routine.  As I stand back and examine the need to change things up a bit I come to the conclusion that I have been in my routine for so long I haven’t taken a meaningful vacation in five years!  By meaningful I mean a vacation where you leave the house, completely disconnect yourself from work, and travel somewhere you’ve never been before and explore new things.  During the past five years my vacation days from work consisted of taking a day off here and there because I didn’t feel like going to work that day or I wanted a three-day weekend or an additional day off over a holiday.

I need to get away.  I need to escape my routine. (more…)

What I Learned In 2011

As a human being I owe it to myself to learn as much as I can before I leave this plane.  I constantly observe everything around me every day, from the stupidity of current events to the ridiculousness of what happens every day at work to the smallest changes in my dog’s behavioral patterns.  Sometimes I get just as stupid as everything else and take time at the end of the year to evaluate what I’ve learned the preceding twelve months as we leap to the next flipping of the annual calendar.

What I’ve learned in 2011 in a nutshell: (more…)

Breeder Vs. Rescue – Valuable Lessons Learned

You’re thinking about getting a dog.  Maybe you’ve never had one before, maybe you have, maybe you want a companion for a dog you already own, or possibly you’ve had several dogs in your time and consider yourself a “dog expert”.  You might be considering a purebred dog or a mutt, contacting a breeder, a shelter, or a rescue.  Kim and I have plenty of experience when it comes to this decision and its outcomes, and it is my hope this will help you make the right decision or find a good starting point for your search. (more…)

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