The God Particle and Choosing A Pope Name

god-and-physicsThis week physicists announced they are more confident than ever that the “Higgs-like” particle discovered last year is the Higgs boson.  In case you haven’t kept up to date on your physics, the Higgs boson is the particle that holds the key to understanding why objects in the universe have mass.  I don’t know what a boson is, but I do know that Higgs is the guy the boson is named after.  It’s funny, when I first saw the headline link to the news story I thought it read, “Physicists Increasingly Confident They’ve Found the Big Bosom“.

Once I opened the news story and realized what it was really about I closed it after losing all interest.

One thing that intrigues me is this: exactly how does one go about discovering a new particle?  Are there really people on this planet who have that kind of brainpower?  You would have to think if someone here is that smart, they might be able to chip in and help fix some of Earth’s problems like war, hunger, poverty and the new problem with the annual monarch butterfly migration to Mexico.  When they get done tackling those issues they could move on to climate change, recreational space travel and taking care of those idiots in North Korea once and for all.



Pope Benny XVI, Comedian, Prankster, and Father

pope-smokingFor many people, the announcement of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation came as a shocking surprise.  For the first time since 1415, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church will be stepping aside, citing diminishing mental and physical health.

If I were me (which sometimes I am not) I would have retired from my job for those very same reasons twenty years ago.

Some believe there is more to the Pope’s stepping down than we are being told.  You know how it goes inside The Vatican – lots of secrets, backstabbing, gossip and deceit.  And then you have what’s going on with the cardinals and other Pope-side people. That’s why they all speak so many different languages inside those walls, so no one else can figure out exactly what’s going on.  Some are speculating the Pope couldn’t deal with the sex abuse crisis in the church.  Who knows? Maybe The Da Vinci Code was fact and it burst his religious bubble. I think it would be pretty darn funny if his decision to retire sprang from an intense desire to convert to Buddhism and go live in the mountains somewhere. (more…)

The Vatican: “Round Earth? That’s Utter Bullshit!”

Officials at The Vatican have officially declared the depiction of Earth as seen from space to be a hoax and an apparition conceived and developed by man’s inability to accept the Earth as being square in form. Paolo Cherubini, Professor of Palaeography at the Vatican School of Palaeography, Diplomatics and Archives Administration went on record early this morning saying he believed the entire “the world is round” theory as being “Complete hogwash, anti-Semitic and utter bullshit”. (more…)

CD Review: Rod Stewart – Merry Christmas, Baby

Each of the past few years, just before Christmas, Kim and I seem to pick up a new Christmas CD.  We’ve experimented with compilations, hard rocking sets, standards, even soundtracks from some of our favorite television Christmas classics.  Yesterday we picked up Rod Stewart’s new Christmas CD titled Merry Christmas, Baby.  We got home, jumped into the spa and gave it a listen.  The phrase really, really, really impressed doesn’t begin to describe how we feel about this holiday offering from one of rock’s legends.

Rod Stewart - Merry Christmas, Baby

After listening to the CD it’s quite apparent Rod didn’t put this disk together as a means to make some quick cash by putting out a Christmas album.  This disc is eloquently produced and arranged.  Rod is in top form here and proves that he can still hit the high notes.  His vocals are clear, honest and thoughtful.  Most of the CD is a smooth, bluesy trip into Christmas standards like Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, White Christmas, Winter Wonderland, Blue Christmas and Let It Snow!  Let It snow!  Let It Snow! (more…)

The World Is Still Here…What Do We Do Now?

stillhereknew this was going to happen.  The end of the world came and went and all we’re left with now is what we had before:  The World.

Classes were cancelled in parts of Michigan.  Events were cancelled all over the world.  People gathered, they prayed, they chanted, they celebrated all in the idea the world was going to end.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a few people have been tossed into volcanoes as sacrifices to the Gods.  Even as I sit here right now writing this blog post, it’s pouring rain outside and the winds are gusting to over 50 mph.  Am I scared?  No, it’s just another day.  Everything is supposed to be ending now, right this minute.  If this is the best they can do to end the world, then they are a serious underachiever.

In all seriousness I have to tell you the world isn’t going to end because the Mayan calendar says it’s going to or some religious kook thinks we have done ourselves in because of how the human race has deteriorated.  Prophecies, religion or nut jobs aren’t going to end the world.  Only man or galactic physics will end this world. (more…)

Festivus – The Christmas Alternative

festivusA few days ago I wrote a blog post that was aimed at Christmas.  In the beginning it was designed to show you how we celebrate the Christmas season in our household.  It started out all warm and fuzzy and then graduated into one of my typical rants about commercialism, religious intolerance, oppression and the like.  You know how I can get sometimes.  I spelled out how Kim and I don’t go to malls to do the holiday shopping thing.  There are a lot of reasons that go into that, like the hassle, the crowds, and for me the commercialization of Christmas makes me seriously ill.  We don’t even exchange gifts anymore.  We might buy something for the house like a new TV but we don’t typically exchange presents that are found under a christmas tree.  We rarely decorate the house during the season anyway.

The blog post had been saved a few days before and I was getting ready to post it when I began glancing at some of the news headlines of the day.  News headlines tend to make me ill in much the same manner as the commercialization of Christmas.  But one story caught my eye, about a guy who erected a Festivus pole in Florida.  I read the article and its comments.  The article made me smile, but the comments that slammed the guy ticked me off a bit.  I abandoned that post in favor of this one. (more…)

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