New Year’s Resolution 2013 – Random Acts of Kindness?

2013_1It’s 2013…get used to it.  For me, it’s another one of those “I can’t believe I made it this long” kind of things.  As I get older I think the same thing when the new year rolls around.  Last year and in this new year everyone I graduated from high school with either has or will be turning 50.  It’s crazy when you think about it, how time passes and before you know it you’re becoming eligible for AARP benefits.  But that’s life, so we all suck it up and move forward.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions.  A resolution, to me, is just like a rule – they are made to be broken.  You break them, then you feel guilty about it.  I don’t put myself in that situation.  I don’t need to make resolutions because I have no problem with the way I live my life.  New Year’s resolutions are made because there is something in your life you’re not happy with and you feel a need to change something.  You can do that at any point in the year and in doing so, the pressure and stress to pull off your resolution is less.  The new year is just a marker.  Why not make your marker February 4th or June 25th? (more…)

CD Review: Rod Stewart – Merry Christmas, Baby

Each of the past few years, just before Christmas, Kim and I seem to pick up a new Christmas CD.  We’ve experimented with compilations, hard rocking sets, standards, even soundtracks from some of our favorite television Christmas classics.  Yesterday we picked up Rod Stewart’s new Christmas CD titled Merry Christmas, Baby.  We got home, jumped into the spa and gave it a listen.  The phrase really, really, really impressed doesn’t begin to describe how we feel about this holiday offering from one of rock’s legends.

Rod Stewart - Merry Christmas, Baby

After listening to the CD it’s quite apparent Rod didn’t put this disk together as a means to make some quick cash by putting out a Christmas album.  This disc is eloquently produced and arranged.  Rod is in top form here and proves that he can still hit the high notes.  His vocals are clear, honest and thoughtful.  Most of the CD is a smooth, bluesy trip into Christmas standards like Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas, White Christmas, Winter Wonderland, Blue Christmas and Let It Snow!  Let It snow!  Let It Snow! (more…)

Festivus – The Christmas Alternative

festivusA few days ago I wrote a blog post that was aimed at Christmas.  In the beginning it was designed to show you how we celebrate the Christmas season in our household.  It started out all warm and fuzzy and then graduated into one of my typical rants about commercialism, religious intolerance, oppression and the like.  You know how I can get sometimes.  I spelled out how Kim and I don’t go to malls to do the holiday shopping thing.  There are a lot of reasons that go into that, like the hassle, the crowds, and for me the commercialization of Christmas makes me seriously ill.  We don’t even exchange gifts anymore.  We might buy something for the house like a new TV but we don’t typically exchange presents that are found under a christmas tree.  We rarely decorate the house during the season anyway.

The blog post had been saved a few days before and I was getting ready to post it when I began glancing at some of the news headlines of the day.  News headlines tend to make me ill in much the same manner as the commercialization of Christmas.  But one story caught my eye, about a guy who erected a Festivus pole in Florida.  I read the article and its comments.  The article made me smile, but the comments that slammed the guy ticked me off a bit.  I abandoned that post in favor of this one. (more…)

Mission Accomplished

I’m awake early on the day after Thanksgiving.  Why?  No, I’m not participating in any of the Black Friday shenanigans.  That’s not me.  I’m up early because we achieved all of our goals on Thanksgiving Day.

GOAL #1 – Coffee while reading news headlines on my laptop followed by making a classic breakfast of eggs, sausage and toast.  This goal was a necessity because Thanksgiving is a drinking holiday for us and it is imperative to get things started with caffeine and food in our systems.  CHECK.

GOAL #2 – Get into the swim spa with our designated drinks of the day and get the party started.  It was a beautiful fall day in New England without a cloud to be found in the sky.  It was 55 degrees and the spa was set to 100 degrees.  A nice, relaxing two hours in the spa puts a warmth into your body that lasts for hours afterward.  We enjoyed the spa while Cheli layed in the grass on a gorgeous day. (more…)

Thankful To Be Thankful

How can you not get all melancholy around Thanksgiving?  People tend to think of things they are thankful for.  Most people are thankful for family, friends, having a job, a new flavor of Doritos being test marketed or whatever.  This year is no different for me – I always try to put a list together in my head and gee, I am thankful for so many things.  Let’s take a second to look inside my skull and see what’s in there for Thanksgiving 2012.

C’mon in – There’s a comfy chair over there in the corner and a soft light on.  Kick your feet up on the ottoman if you’d like…

This year I am first and foremost thankful for recently joining the ranks of the unemployed.  Hold on, don’t feel badly for me, this is a good thing.  Legally, I can’t say anything about anything to do with my last job without getting my pants sued off of me.  But let me just say the last month and a half working there was the most stressful period of my life and I have lived through some pretty stressful times, my friends.  Having this time off allows me to heal from that experience and get things done around the house.  Financially, I am fine and this unemployment thing won’t cause me any hardship.  I am truly thankful for this time to decompress and realign my strategies.

Now to the really serious stuff. (more…)

What I Learned In 2011

As a human being I owe it to myself to learn as much as I can before I leave this plane.  I constantly observe everything around me every day, from the stupidity of current events to the ridiculousness of what happens every day at work to the smallest changes in my dog’s behavioral patterns.  Sometimes I get just as stupid as everything else and take time at the end of the year to evaluate what I’ve learned the preceding twelve months as we leap to the next flipping of the annual calendar.

What I’ve learned in 2011 in a nutshell: (more…)

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