The God Particle and Choosing A Pope Name

god-and-physicsThis week physicists announced they are more confident than ever that the “Higgs-like” particle discovered last year is the Higgs boson.  In case you haven’t kept up to date on your physics, the Higgs boson is the particle that holds the key to understanding why objects in the universe have mass.  I don’t know what a boson is, but I do know that Higgs is the guy the boson is named after.  It’s funny, when I first saw the headline link to the news story I thought it read, “Physicists Increasingly Confident They’ve Found the Big Bosom“.

Once I opened the news story and realized what it was really about I closed it after losing all interest.

One thing that intrigues me is this: exactly how does one go about discovering a new particle?  Are there really people on this planet who have that kind of brainpower?  You would have to think if someone here is that smart, they might be able to chip in and help fix some of Earth’s problems like war, hunger, poverty and the new problem with the annual monarch butterfly migration to Mexico.  When they get done tackling those issues they could move on to climate change, recreational space travel and taking care of those idiots in North Korea once and for all.