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I’ve always been a dog guy.  From my earliest childhood memories to this day my world has always featured the companionship of these fabulous animals.  I prefer my dogs to be trained but not overly trained.  By that I simply mean I don’t want the world’s most perfect dog.  Some believe every dog must have structure to be happy.  But I have found that too much structure makes dogs less fun to be around.  We will not put our dog into a crate and have it thrown into a cargo hold on an airplane, which is why our dogs travel with us on all of our trips, which are mainly by vehicle.
I believe each human bares the responsibility of their dog.  It pains me greatly when dogs are held accountable for their actions while their owner doesn’t share any of that burden.  In the case of a dog attacking a person or another dog, authorities should look toward the dog’s owner first.  A dog does what it is taught to do, and they do so without question because they are simply dogs.  Every dog is trainable, but every dog owner isn’t necessarily equipped to be trained or can accept being trained.

The dog I have now is Zorro.  We rescued him when he was two years-old.  We’re not quite sure what breed he is, he seems to have some American Bulldog and possibly Border Collie in him.  Zorro is a happy guy and one of the fastest dogs I’ve seen.  He can do 0 to 30 in the blink of an eye.  One of his most interesting traits is he is quite possibly the only dog on Earth with a selfie on his back!

Zorro at Clocktower Place

Zorro at Clock Tower Place in Maynard, MA

Zorro showing his selfi

Zorro’s Selfie – Can You SPOT It?

Zorro posing for the camera

Zorro Poses for You!

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