Reaching Across the Aisle – The C-Party

Government ShutdownI read something the other day that made real sense to me.  I think a large majority of us feel our elected “representatives” in Washington are causing a real  bottleneck, to say the least.  Nobody there seems to want to play nice in the political sandbox.  Every John Q. Public has an opinion on what’s going on in those hallowed halls that pave our American Way.  The lack of negotiation and compromise is causing some serious problems in this country’s ability to move forward.  And when those in our government reach an impasse, their solution is to buy more time before the next critical deadline and subsequent impasse is to take place.

I’d like you to read the article I read the other day.  It is an outline for a new political possibility that is based on common sense.  It is based on the grounds that we as owners of this country should believe in.  Yes, WE OWN this country.  We the people own this country.  Not political parties, not China, not the television networks. (more…)


The Woes of Washington

lincoln-memorialThe sequester.  It’s another deadline our government has to face.  It’s another fiscal cliff.  Another do or die.  Another put up or shut up.  Another comeback in the bottom of the ninth.  Another last-ditch effort.  Another


It seems the most popular thing in American government today (besides the impossibility of compromise) are the deadlines that keep popping up all over the place.  Every few months we have to listen to the finger-pointing, partisan politics and those in power treating us, the American public, like we’re idiots.  These practices have become the norm and I’ve really noticed it much more in the past few years.  I believe it was Nancy Pelosi who perfected the craft.  It’s a scary thing to see.


America’s Search For A Lame Duck President

It's True, We're DoomedThe presidential election process always amazes me because it’s that time when you can kick back and watch the nut cases come out of their two-year political hibernation.  Much like how stores bring out their holiday decorations the day after Halloween, the political candidates dust off their rhetoric and start bombarding us with their supposed messages of how they’re going to save us all several months before any of us really give a rat’s ass.

It really is a battle out there on the political landscape.  The candidates, their supporters, the general American public and of course, the people who really hold the reigns to the entire process, the television media experts, analysts and pundits who believe they know all there is to know about everything connected to the election.  Throw in a few hundred televised debates, a town meeting here and there and you’ve got the recipe for a pure baker’s dozen of political crap cookies. (more…)