How The Music Industry Has Changed

slide-pot-mixing-boardI’m going to show my age here but I don’t care, I’m not ashamed of my age.  Could you imagine what I’d have to do if I were?  Organ transplants, plastic surgery, hair implants and all kinds of other things.  I was watching Late Night with Jimmy Fallon the other night and one of his guests was Tommy Mottola.  For fifteen years Mottola was the head of Sony Entertainment (parent of the Columbia label).  He is a co-owner of Casablanca Records.  Oh, and he was married to Mariah Carey for a while.  At the moment he is married to Mexican singer Thalia.

Fallon and Tommy were talking about Mottola’s career.  I must say, that career is pretty impressive.  He helped Hall and Oates land their first recording contract, and he was the talent manager for a few artists you may have heard of, like Carly Simon, John Mellencamp, Diana Ross,  and Taylor Dayne in the 80’s.  In the 90’s he handled Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan, Shakira and Anastacia.  He represented Jennifer Lopez in the early 2000’s.  That’s quite a list.  Mottola is also viewed as someone who revolutionized the promotion of music through new mediums like music videos and corporate sponsorship for music tours. (more…)


What’s The Difference?

whatever-worksWhat’s the difference between right and wrong?  What’s the difference between having something and not having something?  What’s the difference between that thin line and whatever lies on either side of that line?  What’s the difference between asking a question and getting an answer?

I’m in an etherial mood for some reason…

When I’m warm I try to cool down.  When I’m cold I try to warm up.  Up, down, down, up. Do I ever seem to reach a temperature somewhere between that defines comfort and perfection?  Sometimes yes, and when that happens, it’s like the perfect harmonic pitch from a tuning fork.


The Hullabaloo Over Gun Control

guncontrolOk, so Kansas City Chiefs player Jovan Belcher pulled out a gun and shot his girlfriend last week.  After killing her he shot and killed himself.  Big news story, but nothing really out of the ordinary these days.  The story gained national attention because he was a professional football player.  But let’s face it, this kind of thing happens every day in America.  But because this was a high-profile case, the gun control maniacs start coming out of the woodwork to spread their gospel.  People who have a soapbox like Bob Costas start proclaiming their opinion as reality.  Everyone has an opinion, just like everyone has an assh*le.

I don’t care who does what with a gun.  The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, which is part of the United States Bill of Rights, protects the right of the people to keep and bear arms.  This document also states the need for a well-regulated militia as being necessary to the security of a free State.  This is a freedom, a right, and a responsibility this country was founded on.  It’s just like the freedom of religion, or the freedom of the right to gather in public, the freedom of speech, and all the other cool freedoms we have in the United States that other countries don’t have. (more…)

Sarah Palin – More Than Just Belly Button Lint?

Sarah Palin's AlaskaMy wife and I are generally in to nature-type satellite TV programming.  I guess it all started with the Animal Planet network, then the Discovery Channel and the natural progression through to the billions and billions of options available to us now.  One day while performing a TIVO search we stumbled upon Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC.  We saw a few previews and it looked interesting so we gave it a try. (more…)