What’s The Difference?

whatever-worksWhat’s the difference between right and wrong?  What’s the difference between having something and not having something?  What’s the difference between that thin line and whatever lies on either side of that line?  What’s the difference between asking a question and getting an answer?

I’m in an etherial mood for some reason…

When I’m warm I try to cool down.  When I’m cold I try to warm up.  Up, down, down, up. Do I ever seem to reach a temperature somewhere between that defines comfort and perfection?  Sometimes yes, and when that happens, it’s like the perfect harmonic pitch from a tuning fork.



The Crooked Finger Points Inward

It’s funny how sometimes standards can be doubled, whether applied to yourself or to others.  What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander except if certain conditions are met.  Sometimes I try to figure out if there is a place, a calm, soothing plot where hypocrisy lies dormant and never to awake.  Where the real of what we do on this earth is silently upheld before everyone to see.  As John Mellencamp said in his song Between a Laugh and a Tear, “Sometimes life is too ridiculous to live.”

Hypocrisy is one thing that really makes my blood boil and my brain curdle.  To me it’s worse than jealousy in the damage it can do.  Speaking in terms of a gateway drug, hypocrisy opens the door to a logical string of, well, really bad stuff.  You can see it everywhere you look, from way up top all the way down to the murky bottom.  People can be hypocritical without even knowing they have succumbed to it and that’s one thing that makes it so dangerous. (more…)

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    You gotta stand for something or you're gonna fall for anything.

    - John Mellencamp

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