The Woes of Washington

lincoln-memorialThe sequester.  It’s another deadline our government has to face.  It’s another fiscal cliff.  Another do or die.  Another put up or shut up.  Another comeback in the bottom of the ninth.  Another last-ditch effort.  Another


It seems the most popular thing in American government today (besides the impossibility of compromise) are the deadlines that keep popping up all over the place.  Every few months we have to listen to the finger-pointing, partisan politics and those in power treating us, the American public, like we’re idiots.  These practices have become the norm and I’ve really noticed it much more in the past few years.  I believe it was Nancy Pelosi who perfected the craft.  It’s a scary thing to see.

Awe geez, now I’m gonna get all political…The reality of the situation is over the years the American government has overspent, created too many programs and has been reckless in running the big show.  Here’s a little Economics 101 for you:

If you spend more than you take in, it ain’t gonna work!

If I ran my household budget the way the American government runs theirs, I would have been living in a cardboard box under a freeway overpass years ago.  If I ran a business the way the American government runs theirs, I would have closed up shop within months of opening.  The American government feels they have discovered a way to pack fifteen pounds of shit into a five-pound bag and I’m sorry people, it can’t work that way especially if the bag is made of paper and it’s wet.

These bozos who go to Washington think they have all the answers.  Most of them have law degrees of some sort and they show up thinking they’re going to make some kind of huge, apocalyptic difference.  Instead, they succumb to the status quo, creating program on top of program that need to be funded.  These power-hungry ego-trippers don’t care about what economic effects these programs will have fifteen or twenty-five years down the road.  They just create them, fund them, make a special interest group happy, and move on to the next one.

john-boehner-is-a-naziI’m trying to figure out how any organization can operate without a balanced budget and I guess it peels away part of the mystery that is our government.  They are not an organization, they are a DISorganization.  They aren’t a function, they are a DISfuntion.  If I were Speaker John Boehner I would be embarrassed to address the American people or even his own colleagues.  He is as much a part of the problem as anyone else.  He contributes to the political bottleneck in Washington.  He helps to make sure compromise will never really happen.  He and idiots like him put party politics ahead of what’s best for you and me and that signals a serious problem.

Sure, some people think it’s the fault of the democrats, some think it’s the republican’s fault, some think it’s Obama’s fault.  I think it’s the entire government’s fault.  The whole thing is broken and someone’s got to fix it, and I guess that someone is you and me.


Our American government is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people according to Abe Lincoln in his Gettysburg Address.  What ever happened to that?  I’ll tell you what happened to it – our American government is literally wiping its ass with that document.  Do people in Washington think Abe Lincoln is a crackhead now?  Ask yourself, if you ran a business like our government, would you tolerate it?  Would you try to fix it?  Or would you just complain about it to people and let it get worse?

To me it’s all a joke.  I don’t know how the American people can stand for such a government that can’t get anything done.  What is the use of a multi-party system if those parties can’t compromise?  What’s the use of a government if they put us into trouble because of how they do their job and then can’t get us out of that trouble?  What is the point?  Is there anything that happens in Washington now that actually makes sense?

I have a rule and I just broke it in this blog post.  My rule says that I won’t complain about the American government because I am not registered to vote.  I have no right to complain because I don’t vote.  Part of the reason I don’t vote is because I don’t believe in the electoral college as an accurate means of electing leaders.  I have to say I am thinking about registering now.  This silliness in Washington is beyond anything we should contend with.  It is a laughable pukefest of immature children who won’t stand up and do what they were elected to do.  They’ve forgotten who sent them to Washington and why.

There is going to come a time when the American people won’t tolerate this kind of nonsense anymore.  People have tried to force change with the supposed power of their vote, but that doesn’t seem to be working.  The American government should look at the world around them.  If they did, they would see governments changing all over the world, some by force and some by elections.  America hasn’t been around very long compared to some of these other countries where people are fighting for their rights and freedoms and functional government.  American politicians take for granted who put them where they are.

Some day, those who put them there will remember that Gettysburg Address, given by one of our greatest presidents, and they will once again reclaim their government as of the people, by the people and for the people.

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