Mission Accomplished

I’m awake early on the day after Thanksgiving.  Why?  No, I’m not participating in any of the Black Friday shenanigans.  That’s not me.  I’m up early because we achieved all of our goals on Thanksgiving Day.

GOAL #1 – Coffee while reading news headlines on my laptop followed by making a classic breakfast of eggs, sausage and toast.  This goal was a necessity because Thanksgiving is a drinking holiday for us and it is imperative to get things started with caffeine and food in our systems.  CHECK.

GOAL #2 – Get into the swim spa with our designated drinks of the day and get the party started.  It was a beautiful fall day in New England without a cloud to be found in the sky.  It was 55 degrees and the spa was set to 100 degrees.  A nice, relaxing two hours in the spa puts a warmth into your body that lasts for hours afterward.  We enjoyed the spa while Cheli layed in the grass on a gorgeous day.

My designated drink of the day was Firefly sweet tea vodka and lemonade.  It’s a great drink for any time of the year and I was mixing them pretty strong, about 50% vodka, 30% lemonade and the rest was ice.  Kim chose her usual, vodka and diet Mountain Dew, which we refer to as a Urine Sample because, well, that’s what it looks like.  I was going strong, getting ready for our annual tradition of watching the Lions game.  I always root for my hometown team even if I think they will lose, which the Lions had done the previous 8 Thanksgiving Day games.  My expectations were low but my morale was, let’s say, highCHECK.

GOAL #3 – The Lions game.  Because we were in the spa at 12:30 we just let the DVR start recording the game.  We like to get a little behind when we record something so we can fast forward through commercials.  The Lions and the Texans.  Houston was favored by 3 points.  I was ecstatic when the Lions came out in their regular home uniforms instead of those ridiculous throwback unis they always seem to wear on Thanksgiving.  Then to get things started, a real treat, with Alto Reed from Bob Seger’s Silver Bullet Band playing the National Anthem on his saxophone.  Let me tell you, he was so good we had to watch it several times.  What an awesome, flawless rendition without all the fluff that sometimes goes along with this sort of thing.

The game itself was pretty entertaining, and once again Kid Rock did his usual “Up With Detroit” halftime show.  There aren’t many who support his hometown more than Kid Rock.  Somebody give that guy a beer or at least a drumstick!  Kim and I were doing shots of tequila every time the Lions scored, on top of our pre-designated holiday drinks.  We had no idea there would be so much scoring so yes, there were plenty of shots going on.  The game went into overtime, a couple of missed field goals, and the inevitable Lions loss happened in the end.  It was a fun game to watch, though, and as I said in my blog post a few days ago, the Lions always seem to find a new way to lose on Thanksgiving Day.  This time it wasn’t the players who cost them the game, it was their coach, throwing a review flag before the whistle blew on a touchdown.  That ultimately cost the Lions the game.  Oh well, it was entertaining.  It’s too bad a great day by Matt Stafford and Megatron was wasted.  CHECK.

GOAL #4 – Beef Florentine flank steak stuffed with spinach and cheese.  I don’t know how Kim was able to stand and put meat into the oven, but she did.  I don’t know how she was able to even turn the oven on, but she did.  This was the first time we tried this kind of steak and from what I can remember, it was pretty darn delicious.  Kim got up at 3am this morning to make sure she turned the oven off.  CHECK.

GOAL #5 – Pass out at 9pm.  I did achieve this goal, however I was 30 minutes past the target time.  Jaws was on the TV, Quint was about to scratch his fingernails across the blackboard in the town meeting room, and I went black.  CHECK.

He shoots, he scores, mission accomplished.  We hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as much as we did!

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