Ho-Hum, It’s Super Sunday

unknown-quantity-super-bowl-who-caresToday we Americans celebrate something uniquely American – Super Sunday.  It’s time to get together and behold the true American Spectacle.  Chicken wings, bowls of chip dip shaped like footballs, really awesome commercials, high-fives, bear hugs, and people puking on your front lawn.  The game-day coverage begins before the sun comes up, everything is analyzed to the hundredth degree, and all the “experts” come out of the woodwork to give their opinion and oh yeah, there is a football game.

The Super Bowl puts a spotlight on American excess for the whole world to see.  Even in a bad economy it’s our chance to show everyone else how much overindulgence we have in something even as simple as a football game.

I never understood why such a huge event has to take place so late on a Sunday when most people have to work the next day.  I don’t know why employers don’t just give their employees the following Monday off to lick their wounds, pay their bets and recover from their mind-bending hangovers.  I mean really, how productive are people going to be after ingesting forty pounds of lousy food and drinking so much alcohol they barely remember the final score the following morning?

Here’s what you really need to know, the odds as they sit at 10am Sunday morning:

The over/under is 47.5
The spread is 4 (in favor of San Francisco)
The money line is  -185 San Francisco, +165 Baltimore

Now, go place your bet but remember, as you lay the money down, those odds will most likely change.  Good luck, get rich, go broke.  If you take those odds literally, they mean the “experts” believe San Francisco will win by four points and 47.5 points will be scored between both teams.  If you are new to placing bets based on what the oddsmakers believe, I have to tell you – the oddsmakers aren’t always right.  In fact, if they hit a 50% success rate I’d be surprised.

But for those who watch the big game for the commercials or because their favorite team is playing in it, the Super Bowl can be fun.  If you’ve bought some squares in the office pool it can be fun.  For many people, the game will be fun just because they don’t have to watch the New England Patriots play in it again.  Whatever your reason for watching, enjoy the game and be careful driving home.  Personally, I have liked the 49ers since Joe Montana joined them after his career at Notre Dame and I will be rooting for them.

I had the rare pleasure of seeing Montana play in Super Bowl XVI at the Pontiac Silverdome in 1982.  I worked in the restaurant there, and when the game started, my work was done, and I was allowed to go up into the stands and watch the game for free.  I thought it was going to be a great experience but it turned out to be just another football game.  This was before they had a multi-billion dollar halftime show with wardrobe malfunctions and aging superstars.  Really, I thought it was kind of boring though I knew it’s not every day and every one who gets to see a Super Bowl in person, especially for free.

Kim and I used to host a Super Bowl party every year and it was usually fun, but the games were mostly one-sided and didn’t live up to the hype.  Only a few games in recent memory have actually been close and entertaining.  I’ve put my time in to watching Super Bowls and frankly, I don’t care much about them anymore.  Although I must say that some of my greatest moments of joy have come from watching the New England Patriots LOSE the big game.  People ask me why I’m like that because I live in New England.  I always root against the Patriots because of many reasons and my loyalties to a team aren’t based on where I live.

So tonight our plans are simple.  We might DVR the start of the game just to see a few of the commercials, but we’ll most likely open the DVD we bought the other day, put it in the player, and catch what is supposed to be an awesome horror film.  No point spread, no chicken wings, no puking on the front lawn, just relaxation, us and the dog.  Even without the game, the hype and the halftime show, we’ll still have a Super Sunday.

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