Random Thoughts

randomthoughtsIf auto makers really wanted to produce a quality vehicle they would make a car or truck that lasts forever.  Unfortunately this would cause all auto manufacturers to change their business and production models to rely only on selling new vehicles to new populations of drivers as they become old enough to drive and buy their product.  If you sell each vehicle for $150,000 to each new driver, assuming the vehicle would last forever, wouldn’t the car companies be profitable?  Instead they insist on making products that last, if you’re lucky, for five years.  It’s quite obvious their current business model isn’t working.  Let’s try mine instead.

Is it really better to have loved and lost than never loved at all if you end up committing suicide because your girlfriend broke your heart into 128,000 tiny pieces when she gave you the heave-ho? (more…)


Outrage At Petaluma

The annual 2009 Ugliest Dog Contest is now history and there was a surprise winner this year. In a contest normally dominated by the Chinese Crested breed, this year’s winner literally came out of nowhere. Pabst, a Boxer mix that was rescued from a shelter four years ago as a pup, took this year’s honors. (more…)

Dog Owners, Don’t Be A Vick

Like any other normal human being I am a dog owner. Owning a dog to me is like married couples having children. My mother-in-law makes comments to people all the time about my wife and I not giving her grandchildren and how crazy that seems to her. Yes, mo-in-law, things do get back to me. She’s got a grandkid from her other daughter and all Kim and I are willing to give her are grandDOGS. That’s it, stop yer bitchin’ already! My wife and I are more than dog owners, though. We are responsible dog owners. There is a huge difference between that and a simple dog owner. That difference can help save a life, save a dog, save our universe, and make it possible to continue our way of life as we know it. (more…)

All About KDawg’s Dawg

I’ve always been a dog guy.  From my earliest childhood memories to this day my world has always featured the companionship of these fabulous animals.  Over the past fifteen years we’ve owned a Pit Bull and two Bullmastiffs.  I’ve always figured that if you’re going to have a dog, then you should have a real dog.  I’m not into poodles, pugs or wiener dogs.  I like my dogs to be beefy, muscular and capable of holding their own even in two feet of snow.  I’ve had purebred dogs that were purchased from breeders, I’ve saved them from humane societies and I’ve rescued them from breed-specific rescues.  I’ve done the puppy obedience class thing and spent a lot of time training my dogs.  I consider dogs to be more than just companions.  They are part of my family, they go where I go, and they are integral to my sanity.
Michael Vick can kiss my ass.  People who raise dogs to fight or be aggressive can bite me.  Pit Bulls are some of the most loveable, gentle dogs if they are raised to be that way.  I believe dog owners are responsible for their dog’s actions and anyone who blames a dog that has been raised and trained by a human for an act of aggression is an idiot.
Cheli the Winged WarriorThe dog I have now is Cheli, a five-year-old male. We adopted him from a Bullmastiff Rescue in Massachusetts when he was two.  We don’t think he’s really a Bullmastiff – he seems to be more of a regular Mastiff in his temperament and body structure. Cheli is quite possibly the most mellow dog I have ever known. He doesn’t care about anything except when he will eat next, and he is a happy-go-lucky kind of guy. He sleeps with his tongue sticking out of his mouth and he’s just a big, lovable lug of a dog. We are so fortunate that we were able to rescue him! He is named after Chris Chelios of the Detroit Red Wings. His full name is Cheli the Winged Warrior.