Break The Routine – Go RVing!

Just like a well-trained dog, a lot of my life revolves around routine.  I have the same routine during the week and I have a different routine I follow on weekends.  The reason I rationalize such behavior is I believe it helps to keep a household running smoothly.  Certain things need to be done at certain intervals to make sure everything is taken care of.  By everything I mean bills being paid on time, having food to eat, living in a clean house, having clean clothes to wear, etcetera etcetera etcetera.  I pride myself on being the master of the things that make up my routine.  I’ve always been on the anal retentive side which is probably why I do what I do for a living.

Keeping everything running smoothly is one thing, but over time I have realized sometimes my life has become so routine that it’s…routine.  I have even figured out how to include fun things into a routine to the point where they become routine.  As I stand back and examine the need to change things up a bit I come to the conclusion that I have been in my routine for so long I haven’t taken a meaningful vacation in five years!  By meaningful I mean a vacation where you leave the house, completely disconnect yourself from work, and travel somewhere you’ve never been before and explore new things.  During the past five years my vacation days from work consisted of taking a day off here and there because I didn’t feel like going to work that day or I wanted a three-day weekend or an additional day off over a holiday.

I need to get away.  I need to escape my routine.

Because we have a rather large dog, family vacations have been limited mostly to road trips.  We simply will not put our beloved Cheli on an airplane and we won’t board him.  Obviously that limits our vacation options.  This year we’ve decided we WILL take a vacation but we also wanted to do something more than our usual road trip with a dog in tow.  What to do?  The answer has been sitting right in front of us for several years but we never realized it.

Pack up the RV, we’re hittin’ the road!

Destination: The Outer Banks, North Carolina, June 2012

I’ve heard a lot over the years about RVing.  It’s a lifestyle for some.  I’ve always been a camping kind of guy but that usually involves uncomfortable nights trying to sleep while always having that one irritating acorn under your tent constantly jabbing you in the back, dealing with the weather and that kind of stuff.  We’ve done many road trips without tents, staying in hotels and doing day trips.  For some reason my wife came to the realization one day that we can do a road trip and camp and take the not-so-fun things about tent camping and hotel stays out of the equation.  Let’s rent an RV and go somewhere cool!  We’ll get the benefits of staying wherever we want to AND have the comforts of home wherever we stay.  Even the big dog will have his comforts all the while being with us for a road trip.  Seems like a no brainer!

At this point we’ve already done the hard work.  My wife, the queen of researching things, put in the time to check out places where we can rent an RV.  After we decided on a destination she checked into all of the RV campgrounds in the area.  We came up with a short list of things we wanted:  An ocean side RV spot and enough room in an RV to sleep three or four people plus the dog comfortably.  A few weeks of research, a few phone calls, a visit to the RV rental place, and all of a sudden we’re all booked for our trip in June with an RV we’re really excited about!  We’ll be spending seven days parked right on the ocean on the Outer Banks!

The excitement I feel about this trip is very strange.  It’s been so long since I’ve been on a vacation my brain is still adjusting to the thought of this new concept.  One thing I love about road trips is driving through parts of the country you’ve never been through before.  I’m the type of guy where, while driving, if I see something that amazes me I pull over and get out of the vehicle and take it in, maybe take a few pictures and be on my way.  Just knowing that while I’m driving I’ll have all the comforts of home, well, that makes driving more enjoyable.  Knowing I can pull off almost anywhere, shut off the motor and do whatever I want is pretty cool.  Knowing that I’ll be parked ocean side for a week partying my brains loose and having a nice, comfortable bed to crash in says I’ve broken my routine and I’m on vacation.

Cool Floor plans and AmenitiesAnyone can get into an RV and go wherever they want to go.  It doesn’t matter what size your family is, you can find an RV that will fit your size requirements, lifestyle and budget.  Shopping for an RV is pretty exciting, almost like looking at houses to buy.  They’re really doing some cool things with floor plans and amenities and the design uses every square foot of space.  For those who need to always be connected you’re covered with cable TV and phone hookups.  When you get to the RV park you can get wifi with your standard water, electric and sewer connections.  You can rent a quaint little 22 foot RV or you can go with something that resembles a tour bus.  Anything you’d need and everything you want is available to you and you simply take it all with you wherever you want to go.

I’ve always lived around people who had RV’s parked in their driveway.  The RV would disappear for one or two weeks every year and then be parked back in its resting place for most of the year.  When trying to book an RV site we realized many people rent the same spots at the same time every year.  People from all over the country meet up again every year, forming their own little RV communities where you get to know one another, reconnect and share lives.  That notion appeals to me in a romantic, communal kind of way.  Sort of like a bunch of hoboes traveling from place to place except they have a bathroom, kitchen and bedroom.  It’s like a free spirit allowed to roam only with the limitation of gasoline or diesel fuel availability.  I guess in these times, that’s the closest you can get to exploration in this country.  I think all of the advertisements about going RVing might hold some real truths and these are truths I’m excited to discover.

This year, break your routine and try something new.  Rent an RV and discover more than just a new vacation style.  Discover a new lifestyle!

To learn more about the fun of RVing, visit!

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