Breeder Vs. Rescue – Valuable Lessons Learned

You’re thinking about getting a dog.  Maybe you’ve never had one before, maybe you have, maybe you want a companion for a dog you already own, or possibly you’ve had several dogs in your time and consider yourself a “dog expert”.  You might be considering a purebred dog or a mutt, contacting a breeder, a shelter, or a rescue.  Kim and I have plenty of experience when it comes to this decision and its outcomes, and it is my hope this will help you make the right decision or find a good starting point for your search. (more…)


Dog Owners, Don’t Be A Vick

Like any other normal human being I am a dog owner. Owning a dog to me is like married couples having children. My mother-in-law makes comments to people all the time about my wife and I not giving her grandchildren and how crazy that seems to her. Yes, mo-in-law, things do get back to me. She’s got a grandkid from her other daughter and all Kim and I are willing to give her are grandDOGS. That’s it, stop yer bitchin’ already! My wife and I are more than dog owners, though. We are responsible dog owners. There is a huge difference between that and a simple dog owner. That difference can help save a life, save a dog, save our universe, and make it possible to continue our way of life as we know it. (more…)

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