Religious Political Correctness For The Masses

Every year at Christmas it’s the same thing.  Some group of people gets upset because someone’s got a manger, some animals, a virgin and a baby in their front yard.  Someone’s got a menorah in their window and that pisses some people off.  Every year people bicker and complain over one of the great things this country was founded on – the freedom of religion.  This freedom of religion thing is a great thing.  The people who originally came here to create a new civilization ventured west from their homeland to escape religious persecution.  Now, a couple hundred years later, that persecution exists purely because of political correctness.

What a shame.  Shame on you, politically correct America. (more…)


Merry Christmas To KDawg’s Dawgs

It’s that Christmastime of year and I would be remise if I didn’t wish a Merry Christmas to my favorite Dawgs, KDawg’s Dawgs

Merry Christmas Saukee.  Merry Christmas Cheli.  And in special remembrance, Merry Christmas, Skillet. 

To my Dawgs I have to say that no matter how crazy things get or how distressed I may become during the normal passing of days, you never fail to lift me up and make me feel grateful for everything I have and even things I don’t.  Your devotion and ever-showing gratitude are things that I cling to and depend on and you never let me down. 

Sure, I have a wonderful wife who I love dearly and more than anything in the world, but my Dawgs and I have a unique relationship.  We lean on each other for so many things and what they give back to me cannot be measured in any human form.  It goes so far beyond the happily wagging tails at the door when I come home.  It’s something I see in their eyes during the quiet times.  It’s the trust they have in me and me in them.  It’s a common bond that we share, with me as their master and they as my children.  It’s give and take that never seems forced or inconvenient.  (more…)

Black Friday – What A CROCK

Kim and I stayed home for Thanksgiving this year.  It was great!  For a change we got to get out of bed when we felt like it and we took our time getting ready for the Lions game.  No getting up early, no having to drive forever to a destination we didn’t want to go to in the first place, no having to cook lousy food.  It was truly a day off for us for the first time in years!

We’re Detroit Lions fans so as usual we watched them lose to Green Bay.  When we lived in the Detroit area we used to go to the Thanksgiving games at the Silverdome, and we got to see Barry Sanders run wild.  Now we watch the Lions from far away and losing the game still feels the same. (more…)

Save Christmas – Spend MONEY

commercializationofchristmasOh crap, hang on to your hat, here it comes.  Like a freight train rambling through your mind with reckless abandon, like a bad circus that’s come to town, like Arnold Schwarzenegger wielding eighteen AK-47’s and having a bad reaction to anti-depressant medication, it’s the HOLIDAY SEASON

Oh, the kids will be so excited.  Each of them will have their own expectations of their dreams coming true with the chance to nab that gift they’ve wanted for so long.  The people of the church will preach peace and pray for wars to end.  Even the kids of South Park might find some sort of peace during this season.

On the flip side businesses will be doing everything they can to have an upswing in business so they can simply stay in business.  They will whore themselves out for your holiday dollars, doing anything they can to get you in their door and buy a bunch of crap no one needs.  This year they’ve already come up with a new old strategy – they’re going back to the more traditional holiday approach of supposedly using the word “Christmas” in their ad campaigns.  No more sales of upside down Christmas trees – nope, they’re going back to the old ways of the old days.

Really. (more…)