The World Is Still Here…What Do We Do Now?

stillhereknew this was going to happen.  The end of the world came and went and all we’re left with now is what we had before:  The World.

Classes were cancelled in parts of Michigan.  Events were cancelled all over the world.  People gathered, they prayed, they chanted, they celebrated all in the idea the world was going to end.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a few people have been tossed into volcanoes as sacrifices to the Gods.  Even as I sit here right now writing this blog post, it’s pouring rain outside and the winds are gusting to over 50 mph.  Am I scared?  No, it’s just another day.  Everything is supposed to be ending now, right this minute.  If this is the best they can do to end the world, then they are a serious underachiever.

In all seriousness I have to tell you the world isn’t going to end because the Mayan calendar says it’s going to or some religious kook thinks we have done ourselves in because of how the human race has deteriorated.  Prophecies, religion or nut jobs aren’t going to end the world.  Only man or galactic physics will end this world.

The reality is, only a logical, known factor can end the world as we know it.  When the sun burns out and goes dark, the world will end.  When a cataclysmic event such as an asteroid striking earth or if the earth itself is sucked into a gargantuan black hole in the universe, the world will end.  When nuclear war is realized and its resulting winter blankets everything and kills the soil and the seas, the world will end.  The world will NOT end if the polar ice caps melt completely or the earth’s axis changes.  The world will change and mankind might not survive, but the world won’t die because of that.

Ok sure, I understand what various religions say and predict.  But do they actually say God or whoever is going to kill the earth itself, or are those predictions more about souls and human beings?  Organisms other than humans on earth don’t believe in organized religion as far as I can tell although I may be wrong in that assumption.  We know that some species, like dolphins and elephants, are capable of communication.  But let’s assume they don’t quite understand the theory of organized religion.  I would guess that humans are the only species on the planet capable of the concept of religion, the afterlife, and all the other fun stuff that goes along with that.  If that is true and if humans will one day be judged as many religions suggest, would any God ruin the earth for the rest of all creation just because he did away with the idiot people?  That wouldn’t be fair to the rest of the species that we share this globe with.  Some of them were here well before us anyway!

Enough about the religious aspects of the world ending.  The reason why I’m writing today is because I was really surprised at the interest this whole End of Days thing generated.  No, the global discussion and fervor didn’t surprise me – what really surprised me was how many people around the world read my post about this latest doomsday.  Also interesting was the breakdown of visits to my blog by country.  Of course, the United States led the parade because, well, the United States is the most paranoid country on earth.  But what I thought was interesting was India came in second and I would bet their reasons for reading the post were much different from those in the States.

My doomsday post set new readership records for my blog and it lasted for several days.  Below is a breakdown of visits for just one day.


End of the World Views by Country Sample

According to the map above, Greenland and most of Africa weren’t very concerned about the world ending.  Greenland has more pressing issues such as glacier melt.  Africa is just Africa – they always go their own way and do their own thing and there’s nothing wrong with that.

So what do those number represent?  Do they signal some sort of paranoid response to the End of Days?  Do they indicate a certain level of geographic guilt?  I can easily understand Australia’s readership since each calendar day starts on their doorstep.  But according to the Mayans, the end of the world was supposed to start when the calendar flipped over to 12/21/2012 in Mexico, several hours after the day actually began in Australia.

Let’s be fair to the Americans and Canadians and their leading numbers.  I think part of their fixation on the world ending is based on the NHL lockout.  For many, even in fictional NHL markets that Gary Bettman has his [blind] sights on, if there is no NHL, there is no life period.  Technically, the world has already ended for NHL fans.  I doubt the Mayans ever saw the NHL lockout coming way back when.  If they could have forecasted that, they could have helped do something to keep Gary Bettman from ever assuming the role of NHL Commissioner in the first place.

With India being second in our sample, it just shows me that even monks, gurus and snake charmers have computers AND electricity.  Maybe they were convinced the world was ending in part because of the recent death of their own Ravi Shankar.

The United Kingdom placed high on the readership list and I can’t figure that one out.  Look, you guys already pulled off successfully hosting the Olympic Games this year so stop worrying about stuff so much! Kate will have her kid and the Queen is done parachuting out of helicopters!

The Netherlands were in the top half of the readership numbers and that really surprised me.  I thought, with everyone kicking back and huffing the ganja at their favorite coffee shop, people there wouldn’t give two craps about the world ending.  I would think business in those establishments boomed for the end of the world.  I can’t think of a better place to see it all happen.

Ukraine and the Russian Federation combined for some big numbers in the sampling.  There has got to be a way that Pussy Riot had something to do with that.  I just know it.

I wonder if the Pope will tweet something special today like an official All Clear tweet.

@IMThePopeDude: Everyone go back to ruining the planet – the world is still here.  I will pray for you.

My trash can is being blown down the street right now, I’d better run after it.  The river behind my house is rising because of all of this rain today.  I’m sure with the wind gusts the electricity will be out soon.  Oh geez, the refrigerator is almost empty and the mortgage hasn’t been paid yet.  Oh my, they’re back to square one on the fiscal cliff compromise and no talks are scheduled between the NHL and the players.


[fade to black]

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  1. Tony

     /  December 22, 2012

    By the way GO DAWGS!

  2. Tony

     /  December 22, 2012

    Because GOD took favor on Noah and his family and their families and told Noah to build an ark, He changed his mind about wipeing out all that he had created. Im not real religious but when religion and politics come up for discussion; like when your drinking, its best to be informed! lol

    • KDawg

       /  December 22, 2012


      I agree. Whenever I mix politics with religion it’s intended for a discussion regarding the sublime mainly because I view both topics with a lot of sarcasm. I’m not a religious person at all and I don’t consider myself any sort of political activist. But when it comes down to it, I was just referring to the actual physical end of the planet itself, to the point where it simply doesn’t exist anymore. Your point is taken!

      Mixing politics, religion and drinking can be entertaining but it’s just like a lot of other things – it’s all fun and games until someone gets an eye poked out! I certainly don’t shy away from doing that, though!

      • Tony

         /  December 23, 2012

        Read the about you, Wished you would of signed it, after all we know your wifes name and your dogs name. I don’t know if what I post is what your looking for from people, I will try to stimulate the minds of future readers. Since a young age I have tried to be an optimist, But the realization, the contempt, that comes from the hypocrisy of the people of this world changed that direction. Hypocrisy (if you ask me this is not the way it should be spelled) has always be a ‘pet peeve’. It does however allow me to search out people of good moral character. Nowadays I call hypocrits liberals; and on that note I delve into the subject matter. Can it be said that the world has ended many millions of times? Death is the end, atleast physically. Your right in the fact it is easier for most to contemplate death over life. I don’t know why, it is a certainty, where life; joy,success,inspiration are not. Maybe doomsdayer prophets get a laugh seeing people running around all confused, marvel at the thought that they themselves have created chaos. How hypocritical! The question then is if the world does come to an end how could they possibaly be happy anymore? Not that it would matter. My earlier post regaurding the date of the end of the world in relation to Obamas re-election was originally meant to be sarcastic, however: these prophets have changed the date to Jan. 1, 2017. Which ironically corresponds to being the end of his term, atleast under the current laws of the land. Which some have said he will try to change. Don’t know if you knew about the new date or not but it looks like you have to do a follow up! lol I can see why your a content person nowadays, great wife and a beautiful lake! Fishing is a favorite pastime.

        • KDawg

           /  December 23, 2012


          I appreciate any and all responses and comments from what I post on this blog. Being the moderator, I approve any comment as long as it is not malicious. Luckily, the malicious comments are few. Anyone who joins in or opposes my viewpoint is welcome to comment because that’s what I’ve wanted to accomplish with this blog – discussion. Most of the stuff I post isn’t meant to be taken seriously or literally. Most is meant to be taken lightly. I am not an expert on anything, really, except writing ColdFusion program code in the web development arena. I don’t use my real name or sign posts because of security restrictions of where I used to work. I can slowly start changing that, though, because the place I used to work is now shut down because they started this little thing in America called a “fungal meningitis outbreak” which, to date, has killed 39 people. I didn’t actually work in the pharmacy that is responsible, I just worked for a company that did IT services for them. But, being in the profession that I am in, I have to be careful that a prospective employer doesn’t search for me by name on the web and find my opinions in this blog. The stiff, white coller people who make the IT hiring decisions aren’t interested in someone who has an opinion about the world around them. Well, someone who likes to voice that opinion, anyway.

          Thanks again for commenting. Hmmm…I’ll be politically correct here and wish you and yours a fabulous holiday season. No, how about this – HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! And have a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous New Year!!

  3. Tony

     /  December 21, 2012

    GOD did spoil the earth twice already because of the actions of man, remember he was so fed up because we; created in his image, failed to give glory thru our actions. So yes he could ruin it for other species. Is not a nut job a human being? All it takes is just one with his finger on the button. You might of missed the correlation between Obama being re-elected and scientist’s changing their minds on the Mayan thing. If the point is there is no hockey too bad.

    • KDawg

       /  December 21, 2012


      Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. No, it’s not about hockey, that was in reference to earlier posts. But if God has already spoiled the world, why are we all still here?

      Peace to you,



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