RIP Saturday Morning Cartoons

""When I was a kid, one of the times I looked forward to most was Saturday morning. My brothers and I would wake up somewhere around 8 am and perform the following tasks as if our brains were pre-programmed to do so while we were incubating in our mother’s womb:

  • Migrate to the Family Room
  • Pull out that thing known as the “power knob” on the floor console TV
  • Manually turn the channel selector “dial” (usually to channel 7)
  • Park ourselves on the floor or couch
  • Watch cartoons

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That’s What Christmas Is All About, Charlie Brown

Walmart in a Santa suit...Oh, the memories of Christmases past. Driving around mall parking lots in an endless circle, desperately trying to find a parking space. The crowds at the stores, waiting in long lines to pay for the gifts I so thoughtfully picked for others. I can remember the frustration of stores never carrying anything I would want to give to anyone for Christmas. So many times it came down to succumbing to the default – a sweater or a scarf or something that wasn’t really personal. For so many years I went Christmas shopping only because I felt I had to get things for people. Rarely was it because I actually wanted to. It’s funny – the only pleasant Christmas shopping experience I can remember was when I had a handicapped parking permit and was able to park in the front row at the mall. Yippee.

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Worthwhile Donations for Year-End 2019

Sometimes I get a bit tired of working for a living. Sure, I enjoy what I do and I am paid very well to do it. Like many, there are times when I dream of winning the lottery and having oodles of money to do with whatever I want. When the Powerball jackpot climbs to a ridiculous amount I can’t help but think of the luxuries and freedoms such winnings could bring. And then I automatically switch gears and worry about the pitfalls of winning a huge sum of money that could possibly ruin my life. That’s just me – I always think of the potential downside(s) that can go with any upside. And of course the question of whether to continue working or simply retire starts pulling on my brain.

With great winnings come great responsibility, I suppose.

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The Inaccessible Internet

The Inaccessible InternetIn 1989 Tim Berners-Lee created what is arguably the most impactful, world-changing invention ever – The Internet. In this world where we are surrounded by The Internet of Things, you can’t blink an eye without being influenced in some way by this brainchild of one of the world’s most intelligent human beings.

Berners-Lee is credited with many famous quotes in regard to the Internet. Here is one that inspires me every day when I fire up my computer and start working:

The power of the Web is in its universality. Access by everyone regardless of disability is an essential aspect.

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Carolina in My Mind

Welcome to North CarolinaUp until now, many of the posts in this blog have been centered around my life in the Boston area.  After 15 years of dealing with New England winters (especially the Winter of 2015) my wife and I decided it was time to give up our investment in the area.  We were ready to let go of the great piece of property we had and take the southbound lane toward friendlier winters.  For us, the decision on our new destination was an easy one.  After vacationing twice in North Carolina we set our sites on the state James Taylor so aptly wrote about in his song Carolina in My Mind.

Dark and silent late last night, I think I might have heard the highway calling.
Geese in flight and dogs that bite.
And signs that might be omens say I’m going, going I’m gone to Carolina in my mind.

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Times Have Changed and So Have I

It certainly has been a long time since I have posted any new content to my blog.  For those who have followed my blog in the past, I want to let you know that I will be revamping the blog in the near future and will resume posting.  Some things in my life have remained constant since my last post and many things have changed which may bring a fresh perspective to what I write about in the future.  All of these changes are good, positive changes.  I look forward to continuing on and sharing my thoughts with you.  Please bare with me as I make updates to the blog to present a more current user experience and make the space more accessible to those who will benefit from any accessibility enhancements that may have been added by the WordPress platform.


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