Wipe Your Feet, Leave Your Shoes On

I want to thank those who follow my blog, for taking the time to stop in and take a peek at what I write.  During the past several months I have received a lot of positive feedback from people I know and people I don’t know.  It is all welcomed, humbling and inspiring.  As I have stated before in this blog, my purpose in writing my posts is to inform you, make you think, maybe look at things from a different angle, and possibly even discover a few things about yourself or this world you may have otherwise not been aware of.  If you sometimes chuckle while reading, that’s a bonus.

As you can see by looking around my blog, I write about a wide variety of things.  I have been told there are some who think I have CNN on my television 24/7.  I don’t.  I don’t watch much television at all and when I do, it is usually for entertainment purposes to help me escape the news of the day.  I am very careful about any political piece I write because I don’t have the right to complain about the government in this country because I am not registered to vote.  I haven’t voted since the election that gave Ronald Reagan a second term.  I’m not registered because I don’t believe in the electoral college method of determining the outcome of an election.  I will not register to vote until the winner is determined by popular vote.  In my opinion, that ensures that each individual’s vote counts.  To me, that is a better representation of democracy.  I also feel it is a shame that you can only run for president in this country if you are rich or if you can raise millions of dollars to campaign.  It’s sad when there are people who have really good ideas and have the ability to get people to work together but they are unknown and unable to raise the funds to get their ideas across to the public.  I also believe politicians should volunteer to be in government and shouldn’t draw a salary.  These people are already guaranteed a pension on top of the money they will make in speaking engagements and book deals after they retire.  Term limits?  Of course there should be term limits! (more…)




A quick welcome to those finding my blog for the first time.  I have just switched to WordPress from Blogger because WordPress offers me several more options and much more flexibility.


Feel free to look around and make yourself comfortable.  You’ll notice I blog about a variety of topics from the healthcare issues to Michael Jackson to America’s youth.  In general this blog is based on a book I wrote a few years ago that was never published. Stephen King has no problem getting his work out to the masses but a previously unpublished dude has to struggle to even find adequate representation.  Rip-offs are everywhere and the publishing business isn’t as easy to crack as many think no matter how good your work is.

Regardless, the name of my book is “Unknown Quantity – What It Is, Why It Isn’t and What It Should Be”.  There are excerpts from that work throughout this blog.  I take a look at what I feel are hiccups in our way of life and I offer a few suggestions and some insight.  It’s not all from a serious angle, but rather from my usual sarcastic take on many things around us.  I would liken it possibly to a cross between Denis Leary and Stephen Colbert.

I don’t take myself or my life too seriously.  I’m just like many people; I am disenchanted with how things are, I constantly questions things, I hate working for a living and I don’t think that life is necessarily short.  I don’t follow any form of organized religion and I don’t necessarily believe in a heaven or a hell except for that those concepts do exist here on earth and you’re probably living in one or both of those places right now.  If you’re stuck in the middle, then you’re one of the billions here who share your same space.

 So again, I welcome you.  I encourage you to read, reply, share, laugh, get pissed off, or just stare at your monitor in a catatonic state.  Whatever makes you happy is cool with me.

What Is “Unknown Quantity”, Huh?

Unknown Quantity as to how it relates to me or to you, for that matter, really has nothing to do with physics, quantum theory, quadratic equations or, in some cases, even rational thought. Unknown Quantity is the name of the book I spent the summer of 2005 writing. Yup, I spent time every weekend writing this thing and when it was finished, I was really proud of what I had done. But, as most unpublished writers know, writing a book and getting it published are two distinctly different things. (more…)