Merry Christmas To KDawg’s Dawgs

It’s that Christmastime of year and I would be remise if I didn’t wish a Merry Christmas to my favorite Dawgs, KDawg’s Dawgs

Merry Christmas Saukee.  Merry Christmas Cheli.  And in special remembrance, Merry Christmas, Skillet. 

To my Dawgs I have to say that no matter how crazy things get or how distressed I may become during the normal passing of days, you never fail to lift me up and make me feel grateful for everything I have and even things I don’t.  Your devotion and ever-showing gratitude are things that I cling to and depend on and you never let me down. 

Sure, I have a wonderful wife who I love dearly and more than anything in the world, but my Dawgs and I have a unique relationship.  We lean on each other for so many things and what they give back to me cannot be measured in any human form.  It goes so far beyond the happily wagging tails at the door when I come home.  It’s something I see in their eyes during the quiet times.  It’s the trust they have in me and me in them.  It’s a common bond that we share, with me as their master and they as my children.  It’s give and take that never seems forced or inconvenient.  (more…)


This Dawg Is A Mellon Collie

fallThe fall season brings so many emotions to my brain but these days the one emotion that seems to dominate during this time of year is one of melancholy.  The season means many different things to me now than it did when I was a kid.

When I was younger, fall meant a great time to play football outdoors.  It meant diving into huge leaf piles, a new school year, and in high school, it meant the chance to meet new people at all the weekend parties.

However, as we grow older the meaning of the seasons and the emotions one experiences during them tend to change.  Fall is like a bridge leading from my favorite season, summer, into my least favorite season, winter.  It’s the harsh realization that summer is over.  I love summer.  I love all the green on the trees, the warmth and the freedom I feel.  I never complain about the heat and humidity of summer only because I hate the biting, stinging cold of winter so much.  Maybe the reason I get so melancholy in the fall is because right behind it comes winter, the time of the year I can really do without. (more…)



A quick welcome to those finding my blog for the first time.  I have just switched to WordPress from Blogger because WordPress offers me several more options and much more flexibility.


Feel free to look around and make yourself comfortable.  You’ll notice I blog about a variety of topics from the healthcare issues to Michael Jackson to America’s youth.  In general this blog is based on a book I wrote a few years ago that was never published. Stephen King has no problem getting his work out to the masses but a previously unpublished dude has to struggle to even find adequate representation.  Rip-offs are everywhere and the publishing business isn’t as easy to crack as many think no matter how good your work is.

Regardless, the name of my book is “Unknown Quantity – What It Is, Why It Isn’t and What It Should Be”.  There are excerpts from that work throughout this blog.  I take a look at what I feel are hiccups in our way of life and I offer a few suggestions and some insight.  It’s not all from a serious angle, but rather from my usual sarcastic take on many things around us.  I would liken it possibly to a cross between Denis Leary and Stephen Colbert.

I don’t take myself or my life too seriously.  I’m just like many people; I am disenchanted with how things are, I constantly questions things, I hate working for a living and I don’t think that life is necessarily short.  I don’t follow any form of organized religion and I don’t necessarily believe in a heaven or a hell except for that those concepts do exist here on earth and you’re probably living in one or both of those places right now.  If you’re stuck in the middle, then you’re one of the billions here who share your same space.

 So again, I welcome you.  I encourage you to read, reply, share, laugh, get pissed off, or just stare at your monitor in a catatonic state.  Whatever makes you happy is cool with me.

What Is “Unknown Quantity”, Huh?

Unknown Quantity as to how it relates to me or to you, for that matter, really has nothing to do with physics, quantum theory, quadratic equations or, in some cases, even rational thought. Unknown Quantity is the name of the book I spent the summer of 2005 writing. Yup, I spent time every weekend writing this thing and when it was finished, I was really proud of what I had done. But, as most unpublished writers know, writing a book and getting it published are two distinctly different things. (more…)

Things KDawg Hates

I hate career politicians. No doubt, they are the downfall of our democracy. We need term limits on every elected position at every level of government, and I don’t care if you’re on the local school board or in the United States senate. Fresh people and ideas need to be infused into government on a regular basis. Even if a pro franchise sports coach signs a long term deal, they can still be fired if their team sucks, plain and simple. We as The People (aka the Season Ticket Holders) shouldn’t have to endure losing. (more…)

KDawg’s Best, Worst and Biggest

Best comfort food: Mac & Cheese made with Velveeta cheese
Best reason I can think of: Because I want to
Best hockey Team: It’s obvious – since 1994, the Detroit Red Wings
Best book I ever read: I don’t read
Best rock and roll band: Rolling Stones
Best practical joke: Getting you to come to this blog site
Best guitar player: Stevie Ray Vaughan
Best friend: My wife – it’s certainly not me
Best vacation spot: St. Martin
Best syndicated radio program: Opie & Anthony
Best beer ever made: Molson Bradeaur
Best sex position: Any position not requiring the use of a condom
Best 4th of July party ever: Dave’s apartment complex, Thousand Oaks, CA 1994
Best Bible verse: I’ve never read the Bible
Best drink on a hot summer day: Ice cold Canadian pilsener
Best way out of a jam: Baffle ‘em with bullshit
Best omelette: Ham and cheese (onion and sausage optional)
Best case scenario: Hopefully
Best joke: Electric cars
Best in show: Any dog not in the toy group
Best actor of all time: Every boss I’ve ever had
Best movie: Night of the Living Dead, the original
Best amusement park: Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio
Best practice: I never practiced and I still sat first chair in band
Best story ever told: The Legend of Zelda
Best president: Ronald Reagan
Best guitar ever made: Fender Stratocaster
Best offer I’ve ever received: The Cobb plea
Best day of my life: The day I met my wife
Best time of my life: The time I married my wife
Best vegetable: Brussels sprouts smothered in a thick cheese sauce
Best motivation: Cattle prod/branding iron
Best talk show host: Johnny Carson
Best kept secret: I actually care about things
Best song ever written: Stairway to Heaven
Best time: 4:23pm
Best stand up comedian: George Carlin
Best mayonaise: Hellmann’s – any other brand is crap

Biggest waste of time: Watching the news

Biggest liar: William Jefferson Clinton
Biggest game of the season: Who cares?
Biggest misconception: Global warming is a man-made problem
Biggest hypocrite: Almost everyone I meet
Biggest complaint: Hypocrisy
Biggest event ever: Presidential inauguration 2009
Biggest cover-up: Area 51
Biggest idiot: George W. Bush
Biggest loser(s): Those who voted for George W. Bush
Biggest ass: See biggest idiot
Biggest breasts: Wendy’s chicken club sandwich
Biggest single reason why: I don’t need one of those
Biggest bureaucracy: Health care in the United States
Biggest inspirational figure: Is no longer Michael Phelps
Biggest joke: Your vote counts
Biggest lie (tie): “I did not have sex with that woman.” / “There are WMD in Iraq.”
Biggest thing to look forward to: The next version of Grand Theft Auto
Biggest mistake: Thinking that I care
Biggest fear: Going to hell if I commit suicide
Biggest dog I know: Cheli, my Bullmastiff
Biggest enemy: Myself
Biggest obstacle: One’s own sense of right and wrong
Worst nighmare: Reality
Worst case scenerio: Your fingers getting shut in a car door just before rolling your last doobie
Worst city on Earth: Tie between East St. Louis, IN and Gary, IN
Worst state in the union: I guess it’s Indiana?
Worst food: Calves liver with a side of goat balls
Worst drink: Your own urine
Worst hobby: Internet porn
Worst thing to do on a Saturday night: Internet porn with a side of goat balls
Worst sports franchise: The Detroit Lions
Worst place to see a movie: Under water in the deep end of a pool
Worst web site: Facebook
Worst day of my life: When I was hit by a car
Worst hangover I’ve ever had: I have never had a hangover
Worst way to break up with your boy or girlfriend: Via email
Worst way to date your boy or girlfriend: Via email
Worst movie sequel: Lake Placid 2
Worst song ever written: Cheeseburger In Paradise
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