On The Edge Of Greatness

Congratulations to my Detroit Tigers on their sweep of the New York Yankees earning them a trip to their eleventh World Series!  Well, let’s be real here…it was more than just a sweep.  It was a drubbing.  It was a pounding.  It was one of the most dominant displays of baseball in a seven game series in recent memory.  And right alongside of what happened on the field, what happened off the field was just as moving and just as important.

Sure, there are some pretty astounding facts and records from the Yankees series.  The starting pitching, led by Justin Verlander, was outstanding.  They were in shutdown mode.  Delmon Young‘s MVP performance was pure baseball.  Young batted in the game winning run in every game of the series.  Let’s face it, the Yankees didn’t score much, but someone had to knock in the winning runs!  In the long history of the Tigers, Delmon Young has become their all-time post season home run leader and he’s only been with the team for two post seasons!  Yes, we saw Jose Valverde implode a couple of times in save situations, but Phil Coke was at the ready to step in and become the door-slamming force the team needed.  Everybody contributed in this series – it wasn’t all about Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder.  And I don’t know if anyone can stop them from winning the World Series.  As I said in this blog just before the season started, if the starting pitchers, Miguel Cabrera and Prince Fielder can stay healthy, no one will be able to stop the Tigers.  FACT. (more…)


A Sunday Morning Spot Of Tea

First and foremost to everyone, Happy April in The D!! 

Is it just me or does Sarah

Palin make Canadians sound like geniuses?  The first thing I always think of when I hear her name mentioned is her running for president with Yukon Cornelius as her VP running mate.  Rudolph and Hermie would run the campaign on the platform of abominable snowman reform.  As much as I like her, I’m just sayin’.

Why is it that people who run for public office are immune to drug testing?  These people supposedly represent us and I think everyone knows that drug and alcohol use run rampant at every level of government.  With all of the laws being passed that subject state employees to drug testing, the politicians at every level of government should be included in those laws also.  If you’re going to run, you’re going to pee in a cup, it’s that simple.  That would probably shrink the candidate field well before the primary process does.

An American Spring, Past And Present

To me, March always signifies the end of my wintertime hibernation.  It ushers in the coming of my favorite time of year, summer.  But spring itself is the necessary springboard to my personal bliss.  Each day I scour the trees and bushes for buds, anxiously awaiting them to burst open and bring the vivid colors that pave the way for the luscious greens of summer.  I welcome the warm weather birds back and I await the new families of geese that I get to watch paddle their way in perfect single file past my view on the river behind the house.  I love the longer hours of daylight and how the sun seems to grow warmer with each day’s passing.  It’s the annual rebirth of one’s senses and a fresh, new, long overdue optimism.

For some, the rites of spring don’t begin until the big bus leaves, headed southward to Lakeland, Fort Myers, Sarasota, Bradenton, Glendale or Tempe.  Those buses are packed with their own beginning of spring in the form of uniforms, equipment, promises, expectations and their own form of annual optimism.

For many, the coming of spring can’t occur until both of these events take place, as if there is some sort of order and reasoning that makes one impossible without the other.  A natural coupling that says the universe is aligned in its natural harmony.  There is just something about hearing the phrase “pitchers and catchers have reported”.  This is something that is completely American.  You can’t have a Fall Classic until the boys of summer have had their due.  The boys of summer can’t entertain us during those dog days of summer until they’ve completed their springtime rituals.  It’s a metamorphosis as natural as a caterpillar springing from its chrysalis to float through those warm summer afternoons as a butterfly. (more…)

Ernie Harwell, Human Legend, Dies

Ernie Harwell 1918 - 2010

Ernie Harwell 1918 - 2010

I am so saddened even though I knew this day was coming.  An incredible sadness for this loss, a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye.  Ernie was such a part of my life, our lives, and there was no better gentleman and no truer human than Ernie Harwell.  This place will not be the same without him. Bless you, Ernie, and thank you for giving us so much without ever asking for anything in return.

So Long, My Old Friend

tigers70On Wednesday, September 23th at 9:24 AM something happened that made me stop dead in my tracks.  I stopped everything I was doing, right in the middle of my work day, and poised myself for a long moment of silence and reflection.  During my moment I reached back, way back into my past and began a journey forward.  This expedition began when I was a small boy of about five years.  It continued on through my years in elementary school, junior high and high school.  I traveled forward all the way into my adult life and to this day.  On this Wednesday I realized a great sadness usually reserved for the loss of someone close to me.  On this day I realized the loss of some thing close to me – on this day the final section of Tiger Stadium in Detroit met its match and succumbed to the wrecking ball. (more…)

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