Gumby, A True American Hero

744829765_2654235714_0You remember our old pal Gumby, right?  When I was growing up, I think everybody I knew had a Gumby and Pokey.  He’s been having a resurgence of late and all kinds of new and retro Gumby stuff is available now!  If you’re a Gumby fan, you should visit the official site!

I am the guy at work (well, when I was working, anyway) that has all the toys in his cube.  I’ve got the blue Christmas lights strung all over the place, the squishy toys for stress relief, the fuzzy dice, etc. and anyone is welcome to stop by and play.  When I found out almost two years ago Gumby and his friends were making a comeback, I had to check it out.  First I ordered a single Gumby and at the request of my co-workers I ordered a second Gumby in a set with Pokey.  I didn’t waste my time with the other characters because I didn’t have any of them when I was growing up, just Gumby and Pokey, and they were always replaced when the wires inside starting sticking out of the hands and feet.

I have found that Gumby enjoys travelling, bar hopping and just being seen.  He’s kind of an attention whore.  Here are some pictures that have surfaced recently of my buddy Gumby during some of his travels.

In September of last year Gumby was invited to join us for our annual Boston Martini Tour on Boston’s North End.  Here he is seen at some of the stops on the tour:

Ask not what your bartender can do for you. Ask what YOU can do for your bartender! — Gumby


Playing in the garnish at Joe’s American Bar and Grill


At the Hard Rock Cafe


At, obviously, the Bell in Hand


Words Gumby lives by!


Martini glasses make great Gumby chairs!


At one of our favorite Boston Irish Pubs!


He’s a chick magnet!


Gumby finished the tour at The Grand Canal

 Gumby is into sports just like any other green dude with wires in his arms and legs…

Give me your french fries, your cheeseburgers, Your huddled mashed potatoes yearning to be whipped and free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the chickens boneless, tempest-buttered-toast to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door! — Gumby


Gumby’s a Cubs fan!


At the University of Michigan/Notre Dame game in South Bend, IN. September, 2012. Gumby’s favorite team didn’t win that day, but he had tons of fun! Gumby says, “Go Blue!!”

Gumby decided to ditch the frigid New England winter and head south to Florida in January, 2013. He visited St. Augustine and Ponte Vedra Beach. He did some touristy stuff, hung out on the beach, and collected shark teeth!

Warm places and friendly faces make me happy. Together they remind me of the warmth in my stomach after eating cheeseburgers and french fries, two of my favorite things. — Gumby


Checking out the historic spots


He’s a beachcomber!


Lots of cool wax museums in St. Augustine!


Gumby’s impersonation of Ponce de Leon


Even a green guy has to eat!


It’s a good thing Gumby knows how to read!


Home base, the beach house


Don’t back-slap the lion in the nose!


Gumby says, “HIGH!”


He found lots of shark teeth on the beach!


Face to face with the dreaded bearded dragon!


It’s bedtime after a long day of being Gumby

Gumby is no DUMBY – he understands how important it is to just hang out at home sometimes and unwind, chill out, and just enjoy life.

Home is where the heart is. It’s also where my mom, dad and Cheli live, and I like them all a lot. My pal Pokey is there, too, and he is my true friend. — Gumby


Hangin’ out in his swim spa


Soak it up, dude!


Gumby stands on the top edge of the swim spa


Sometimes he falls off if the wind blows too hard


Gumby and Cheli are best buds


Pokey likes to snuggle with Cheli, too!


Like two peas in a pod


Gumby and Pokey, best friends to the end!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these pictures of our great American hero, Gumby!

I am a friend to all, whether you want to bend me, pose me, or even chew on the top corner of my head. Whether you are healthy or sick, happy or sad, I will scale the highest mountain and swim the deepest sea and never let you down when it comes to being your friend. Take me with you wherever you shall go and I will be your faithful companion forever. — Gumby

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