The Funniest Joke I Have Ever Seen/Heard

gottfriedSure, I’ve watched some celebrity roasts on Comedy Central the past few years.  They’re nothing like the roasts of the old days when Dean Martin would swagger up to the podium and deliver zingers with his favorite drink in hand.  Remember Foster Brooks playing the drunk?  Good times, even better television.  Back then you could watch celebrity roasts with your whole family.  These days, Lisa Lampanelli hosts the roasts and she is crude, rude, and rarely funny.  I’m not a big fan of hers, which is why I don’t watch many roasts anymore.

Ok, she does black guys and she talks about her vagina a lot.  That doesn’t entertain me very much.  It just goes to show you how television standards have changed over the years.

One recent Comedy Central Roast made Kim and I laugh so hard we woke up the next day with our faces hurting.  It was like the day after our wedding when we had to smile so much for pictures the day before. They were roasting Roseanne Barr.  Most of the broadcast wasn’t that great, but Gilbert Gottfried’s joke toward the end of the show brought us to tears.  So much so we watched it several times.  Normally I find this guy to be really irritating, but this joke he told was so funny I have to pass it along to you in case you haven’t heard or seen it.  I still think of it every now and then and it still makes me laugh out loud.

Please watch the video.  It should give you a gut wrenching laugh!  Warning…language alert!


Here’s another good clip from Gottfried from Comedy Central

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