Day Of Reckoning

My last post was a visitation of an old friend of mine, poetry.  I was quite surprised at the response I received from, quite frankly, all over the world.  It’s amazing how many people you can touch with some words.  Poetry is like a painting, where every person can have a differing opinion about what a particular piece means.  Each piece can mean something different to each person.  I guess that is one of the beautiful things about poetry, a painting, or any other art form.  There are no rules and most everything is open to individual interpretation.

One of my favorite times of the day is when I first get in to work.  I arrive every morning at 6:30am sharp and it is a peaceful time.  No idiots bothering me, no phones ringing, no email coming in.  It’s just me, my computer and the rooster that lives a few houses away in an unusually urban setting.  Not only is it strange to find a rooster in such a busy, noisy place, it’s also unusual that he continues his wake up call well past 11am every day.

Regardless, this quiet, calm morning time is when my head is clearest.  Though I’m at work, I am able to push anything work related out of my skull and deeply into the background where I feel it should really be.  Once that is accomplished, I can think of anything.

Thus, this morning’s poem…

All debts outstanding come due today, all flowers, clouds, stars, moons
All things under my umbrella align and become one on this,
                A day of reckoning
All love and hate, the mistruths and honest drudging through the unfortunate
All wrapped up with a pretty little bow in unbridled bliss,
                A day of reckoning
All trespassers and passersby known and unknown in my world
All good and evil, all unending sadness and joyous contention for this,
                A day of reckoning
All friends and foes, allies and enemies, secure and the disillusioned
All men, women, children, nations and the world brought together for this,
                A day of reckoning
All apprehension, malcontented madness and sinister actions
All charity, heartfelt humanity and the powers of healing from a kiss,
                A day of reckoning
This message, though painfully clear, often falls upon one’s deaf ear
And as each day passes we spin our own cocoon far beneath the evening’s moon
And we wonder of the outcome, our deliberately decided fate on
                A day of reckoning
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