Customer Service the DIRECTV Way

Blogger’s Note – This is not a paid advertisement

These days many companies out there try to use Customer Service as a sales tool.  They promise the best in customer service as a means to get you to use their product or service.  I’ve fallen for that angle before only to discover that when it mattered most, the customer service offered fell far short of my expectations and the promises made by the company to suck me in.  In these times of over complexity and technology, I think customer service is more important than it’s ever been.

Customer Service is more than a selling point – it’s an attitude.  It starts at the top of an organization and trickles all the way down to a single person who specializes in truly caring about helping people.  It makes a huge difference in customer satisfaction and more importantly customer loyalty.  Without that loyalty any brand is destined to fail and fall by the wayside, and eventually disappear into oblivion. 

I have three rules I follow when it comes to dealing with any company I choose to provide a service for me.  If the company does an excellent job and goes above and beyond my expectations I send them some sort of correspondence to let them know how satisfied I am.  If the company does an average job I do nothing.  If the company screws me over I let them know about it.  I don’t do that because I like to send hate mail.  I believe when someone does an excellent job they should be commended.  If they do an awful job, they should be notified of such in an attempt to help them do a better job the next time.  We as consumers should all do something along those lines because it can only help us get better service.

One company I deal with has always gone well beyond my expectations in the area of customer service and quality.  That company is DIRECTV.  If you’re looking for a television entertainment provider, you simply can’t do better than DIRECTV.  Several years ago I always had cable TV.  Thirteen years ago we switched to Dish Network, and eleven years ago we switched to DIRECTV.  Every day I receive mail from Comcast, Verizon and other providers and I don’t give them a second look.  That mail goes directly into the trash because I am more than happy with DIRECTV.

Why?  Their customer service is so excellent I’ll never have a need to switch again.  Some stay away from satellite TV because they think the signal drops when the weather gets bad.  Our DIRECTV service has gone out twice in eleven years.  Once because of a major blizzard that rolled through our area, the other time was last year when Hurricane Irene decided to pay us a visit.

Aside from the signal, it’s DIRECTV’s customer service that sets them apart from everybody else.  Over the years we’ve had their technicians come out to the house for a variety of things including dish upgrades, service upgrades to HD and some recabling.  Each and every time the technicians did their work promptly, efficiently and correctly.  After each visit we received a call from a DIRECTV customer service representative to make sure we were satisfied with the work that was done.  Every time we have called their customer service department for whatever reason, we are greeted as loyal customers.  The longer we remain subscribers the more special offers are available to us.  It’s like we are rewarded for being their customer.

Two weeks ago a technician had to come out to our house to reconfigure things for their Whole Home package.  Essentially this is when you can share hard drive content on multiple home DVRs from anywhere in the house.  The technician showed up and the first thing he did was show his employee badge.  I liked that.  He did his work and left.  Just a few days ago a DIRECTV person showed up at our house.  I answered the door, he showed me his badge, and said he was there to double-check the work the technician did.  He was the technician’s supervisor and was verifying his work.

At first I thought that was kind of an inefficient way to go about things.  But then I remembered who I was dealing with.  It was simply DIRECTV taking an extra step to ensure my customer satisfaction and their own internal quality control system in action.  It made sense to me, especially when you consider that like all television providers, DIRECTV uses sub contractors to do the work in the field.  Yes, these sub contractors have to be certified and go through the necessary DIRECTV training, but I thought it was excellent that they follow-up for quality control purposes.

If you’re considering switching your television provider I would strongly recommend you check into DIRECTV.  It is true they offer more HD programming at a lower price than other providers.  You can also rely on the signal.  But the thing that truly sets them apart from all the others is their approach to customer service.  They will always tell you that is the most important thing to them.  The difference is they don’t just say that, they demonstrate it every day, year after year.  These days, that means a lot to me and it should mean a lot to you, too.  Customer Service is more than a phrase to get you to buy their service.  It really is an attitude they have adopted and model their business after.  Visit their web site, give them a call, select your package and then sit back, relax and enjoy the great programming AND the piece of mind you’ll have.

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