Religious Political Correctness For The Masses

Every year at Christmas it’s the same thing.  Some group of people gets upset because someone’s got a manger, some animals, a virgin and a baby in their front yard.  Someone’s got a menorah in their window and that pisses some people off.  Every year people bicker and complain over one of the great things this country was founded on – the freedom of religion.  This freedom of religion thing is a great thing.  The people who originally came here to create a new civilization ventured west from their homeland to escape religious persecution.  Now, a couple hundred years later, that persecution exists purely because of political correctness.

What a shame.  Shame on you, politically correct America.

I expect this kind of crap every year, but every year it seems to get more and more ridiculous and extreme.  I guess technically I am of the Christian persuasion but I never went to church while growing up.  I celebrate Christmas in a mild way but by no means is it a religious thing for me.  To me the holiday or season represents a time to give, both of yourself and to mankind as a whole.  I don’t give a crap if you’re Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic or whatever.  You can celebrate whatever your religious beliefs say you should celebrate and that’s no skin off my ass.  Have at it, party on.

This year’s fanatical holiday season entry/idiocracy is what happened in Providence, Rhode Island.  The governor of Rhode Island, Lincoln Chafee (aka Linc the Dink) thought he’d be cool by naming the state’s official Christmas tree a “holiday tree”.  His reasoning was to try to reflect Rhode Island’s founding as a “sanctuary for religious diversity”.  Before this year the tree had always been known, simply, as the state’s Christmas tree.

Chafee was immediately blasted by Christians who felt they were being pushed out of being able to celebrate their holiday.  After the tree lighting ceremony his office was overrun by phone calls from constituents and fellow lawmakers.  Some people attending the tree lighting ceremony protested the move by singing “O Christmas Tree”.  Chafee’s official word on the subject was, “If it’s in my house it’s a Christmas tree, but when I’m representing all of Rhode Island I have to be respectful of everyone.”  Please keep in mind here that Rhode Island has one of the largest percentages of Catholic populations in the country.

Let’s say there is a population of Buddhists in Providence and during this season they worship a, for the lack of a better idol, soap dish.  The soap dish is the Buddhist representation of this holiday season, worshipped all over the world.  Is there a reason why the Christians can’t have a Christmas Tree and the Buddhists can’t have a soap dish next to that tree?  If the atheists want to promote a holiday campaign that says all the believers in any God are crazy, is there a reason why they can’t have something next to that soap dish and the tree that says that?  Isn’t that what we call freedom of religion?  If my worshipped idol of the holiday season were Barry Sanders (the greatest running back of all time), shouldn’t I be allowed to erect a statue of Barry Sanders next to the atheist display, the Buddhist’s soap dish and the Christian’s Christmas Tree?  If our society can tolerate Jehovah’s Witnesses to go from door to door and try to sell people on what they’ve got going on, it seems I can have my Barry Sanders statue, the atheists can have their thing, the Buddhists can have their soap dish and the Christians can have their damn tree!

Could you imagine a religion that worships a regular bar of soap?  They could put their bar of soap in the Buddhist’s soap dish and who knows what that could turn out as?  Tolerance, maybe?

I have heard rumors that Allah is a good God.  I have heard that Jesus Christ was a cool guy who promoted peace and love when he was supposedly here.  From what I’ve gathered over my lifetime, it appears that religions are generally considered good things, which is probably why billions of people throughout time have become associated with them and follow their teachings for the most part.  If religion is truly such a good thing, then the world should, in theory, become a better place because of them.  If you were to allow a little Christian eleven-year-old child see that Buddhist soap dish next to that Christmas tree, maybe that child would learn more about the religion wrapped around that soap dish.  Well, maybe not, but at least that child would know the soap dish is there and it is somebody else’s Christmas tree.  Whether the child actually learned more about the dish or just realized it was there, that can’t help but promote tolerance.  That can’t help but tell that kid that hey, there are people out there that are into something else, something other than what he’s into, and is that such a bad thing?  I mean come on, the Catholic Church or even Christianity in general isn’t without it’s own faults and shortcomings.

My point here is this – If America really wants to be politically correct, then it should approach this thing the right way.  Instead of watering everything down and diluting it to eventually mean nothing to everyone, we should allow everyone to observe this religious holiday in the way they wish to.  Instead of promoting “oneness”, how about promoting the great thing that is the freedom of religion in the United States of America?  How about we show the world that we practice what we preach?  So many people have come here over so many years so they can enjoy all of the freedoms this country offers.  To funnel all religions into one way of celebrating the most important and holy time of the year for many people is just plain shortsighted and idiotic.

I expect better from America.

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  1. KDawg

     /  December 31, 2011


    Thanks for subscribing, reading and posting a comment! I can sense a little bitterness in your note, but I completely understand and agree. I can also sense from your words that you live in what was once a football-depressed area but your team has recently crawled back to prominence and is headed toward the NFL playoffs for the first time since 1999. I saw a sign of good luck yesterday while my wife and I were at a Best Buy in Marlboro, MASS. We saw something that we never thought we’d see in this area – a kid wearing a Suh jersey. He didn’t answer me when I called out, “Ndamakung! Ndamakung!” but his mother turned and gave us a smile. It was very nice to get a piece of home from someone this far east being spotted wearing the fabled Honolulu blue and silver of the Detroit Lions! They’re favored by 3 on the road at Green Bay this weekend!

    Thanks again, and happy new year to you and your family, Nicole!


  2. Nicole Jacobs

     /  December 30, 2011

    Kurt, Catholics think they can do no wrong. They screw people all week and then go to church on Sunday ask for forgiveness and than start screwing everyone over again after they leave church (i don’t think i need to give names as to who I am refering to in my family). I am sure it was a Catholic that said the governor was not being fair. They also believe that if you do not take the Eucharist regularly you are not to receive it until you go to confession. Well, I don’t think for one second that Jesus did not break bread with everyone if he was as cool as they say. So just to prove my point when I go to mass a few times a year I take the Eucharist just because I can and than I thank Jesus. They wonder why the Catholic church is loosing so many members. I think I may change my religion to Barry Sandersism!!!!


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