America’s Search For A Lame Duck President

It's True, We're DoomedThe presidential election process always amazes me because it’s that time when you can kick back and watch the nut cases come out of their two-year political hibernation.  Much like how stores bring out their holiday decorations the day after Halloween, the political candidates dust off their rhetoric and start bombarding us with their supposed messages of how they’re going to save us all several months before any of us really give a rat’s ass.

It really is a battle out there on the political landscape.  The candidates, their supporters, the general American public and of course, the people who really hold the reigns to the entire process, the television media experts, analysts and pundits who believe they know all there is to know about everything connected to the election.  Throw in a few hundred televised debates, a town meeting here and there and you’ve got the recipe for a pure baker’s dozen of political crap cookies.

Well, I hate to tell you this, but you’re all being fooled…misled…and yes, even hoodwinked.  This is the time when you, the average American, are being toyed with by the media, your neighbors and even the candidates themselves.  For several months you are led blindly into this big political debate.  Candidates are shoved down your throat that you don’t know, don’t care about, couldn’t care less about, bitterly hate, are intrigued by and whatever other way there is to view someone who thinks they should be your boss.  They state their case, you listen, you either believe them or you don’t and you make up your mind as to whom you’ll be voting for come that November day.  People get pretty passionate about it.  People argue over it.  Lines are drawn in the sand, and people start to believe their candidate is the savior of all America.

Nope.  Sorry to tell you this, but electing one person (one and a half if you include the vice president) isn’t going to fix our economy.  One person isn’t going to solve the healthcare issue.  One person isn’t going to bring all of our soldiers home.  One person isn’t going to eliminate homelessness and ensure jobs for everyone.  One person isn’t going to fix Wall Street and one person isn’t going to shrink the size of our federal government down to the size it should be.  In short, your voting for a president doesn’t mean diddly squat in the not-so-grand scheme of things.

Sometimes…well no, MOST of the time, people forget how our government really works.  People think a president can come into office and open up a can or two of whup-ass and get things done.  It doesn’t work that way, people.  Most of our presidents probably wouldn’t know how to work a can opener anyway.  It doesn’t matter if you’re the first black president we’ve ever had, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got the charisma of John F. Kennedy or the “listen to me or I’ll kick your ass” style of Ronald Reagan.  The bottom line is the House and the Senate control what gets done in Washington.  If the president’s party doesn’t have control, nothing gets done.  The two political sides are always in a pissing contest and they don’t really care about you or me, they only care about satisfying their own interests which are usually dictated to them by those who contribute the most money to their re-election campaigns.  Oh sure, I’m talking about the huge corporations and special interest groups.  THEY are the ones running our country, friend.  It’s not us, the people.  It’s been that way for many years now.  Some people here call it the political process.  I call it a form of corruption that affects each and every American.

One person cannot dictate how our government works.  It is impossible even if the constitution allowed for it.  The original formula for our government was conducive to people voicing their wants and needs to their elected officials who then took those messages to Washington to discuss and vote upon.  Do you really think that happens today?  How many things on Barack Obama’s election agenda have actually been instituted?  How many of his campaign promises has he kept?  I’m not knocking the guy because I know better than to think a candidate’s promises will be kept once he gets into office.  Those promises are designed only to make you feel comfortable voting for someone.  They’re not intended to be brought to the White House with your candidate and actually acted upon.

If my assumptions are correct (which I completely believe they are), everyone is wasting a lot of their valuable time with this entire process.  Until we change the way our government works, the focus shouldn’t be on who the president is, it should be on who is in the House and the Senate.  We should be focusing on term and salary limits for these people.  We should be clamping down on political contributions.  Look, if you’re just a lowly member of the House of Representatives, do you really need to raise ten million dollars to get re-elected?  Do you realize the annual salary in 2010 for a member of the House was $174,000?  Do these people really deserve to be making that kind of money?  Are they working hard enough to garner such a ridiculous amount of cash?  For that salary they should be going door to door and talking to each of their constituents.  In my entire life I’ve never seen or met even one of my elected officials.  They run for office, get elected, go to Washington, get their palm greased by Haliburton, then they chit-chat with the others who are fortunate enough to be able to make that kind of living, then they raise ten million dollars, get re-elected, and do the whole thing over again.  They keep right on doing this until they’re too old to go to the bathroom by themselves.  Then they either retire or die while in office.  The House, the Senate, it doesn’t matter.  It seems stupid to have a term limit enforced on the president but not on the yahoos in the House and Senate who are actually responsible for running the show!

I guess I’m writing this as a public service.  I like you, America.  I think you’re pretty cool as far countries go.  Sure, I’m a big fan of Canada, The Netherlands and Sweden, but you hold a special place in my heart.  Maybe because I live here.  But I don’t want you to get upset when, after you’ve gone through all of the political debate and have elected your next president, nothing changes.  Whether Mr. Obama stays or some other savior comes onto the scene, just remember that things won’t be changing because of this one person.  It won’t change until you change how your system works.  It won’t change until you make your government smaller.  It won’t change until you get rid of the corporate greed and corruption that exists behind the closed doors in the House and Senate.

With all of the protests going on now like Occupy Boston, the Wall Street demonstrations and all of the other protests popping up all over the country, America is beginning to signal to those in Washington that we don’t like how things are going.  We expect our government to fix things because WE put all those people in Washington.  I’ve always said things won’t change in our governmental system until the people rise up and make it change.  It’s revolutionary in a way and I’m glad it’s starting.

I’m just trying to set your expectations, America.  Expectation management is key to maintaining happiness.  If you expect more and get less it makes for a disgruntled person.  Expecting less and getting more can make it feel like Christmas Day every day.  I’d rather feel like that than living in a miserable state brought on only by those too foolish to see the reality of the situation.

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  1. Mink

     /  October 9, 2011

    I couldn’t have said it better myself…I mean that, I really couldn’t have said it better myself. Your so right about politics these days. The rich run this country and everyone else just has to sit by and watch. A wise man once said “I will not vote for the president until a poor man can run”. I dream of that day. Can you imagine what could happen if ALL politicians actually cared about this country instead of just caring about being re-elected? Politics isn’t about a never ending campaign although these days you would think it is. Like you stated, it’s about HEARING the voice of the people and fighting for them. Our elected officials are supposed to voice OUR words, not just those of the companies funding them. It really is a complete racket and not what our founding fathers wanted for us. We need to change things and there is no time like the present. Wouldn’t it be great if we could support ourselves, pay our debt, stop putting our noses into every conflict, bring our troops home and become, once again, the country that everybody loves instead of the one much of the world despises? The focus needs to be placed here, at home, where everything is falling apart. We need to fix what is wrong at home, to protect this great country from corruption, and bring it back to it’s former glory.


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