Charlie Sheen Is Bigger Than Jesus

No, this post title didn’t come from John Lennon.  It’s actually a design created by our American press as they have once again redefined what news is.  How many times have I said that the American press is a bunch of actor wannabees stuck behind news desks and teleprompters?  It’s gotten to the point where I can’t tell the difference between TMZ and the Nightly News anymore.

Should I rant here?  Should I go off on a Sheen-like tangent and spew complete nonsense that no one should care about only to hype my own popularity in a business that’s all make-believe?  Nah…I’ll just tell it like it is.  After all, that’s what the name of this blog is all about!

Let’s get down to the brass tax here:  Why am I so adictively interested in Charlie Sheen?  Why does every move Lindsay Lohan makes have such a profound affect on my daily existence?  Why is it that I actually care more about the exploits of those wacky Kardashians than I do my own self and family?


So why does the news media feel they need to keep shoving all of their personal crap down my throat?  Do they think this stuff is actually news?  Do they really sit around the daily programming table and decide that this crap is newsworthy?  Well, at TMZ, they do.  In the average news environment they should sweep this guano under the rug and get to the real news, such as the struggles in Libya, the unrest in Yemen and the shit hitting the fan in Bahrain.  Everything happening in those countries stands to have a dramatic affect on all of us here in the States.  Don’t think so?  Go check the gas prices at your favorite pump and you might catch a glimpse of what I’m talking about.

Instead the media believes we want to know the minute-to-minute happenings in the lives of people who make their living from a make-believe existence.  Twitter doesn’t help either, those ridiculous bastards.  But you know what?  I can’t blame the media and hold them 100% accountable.  Why?  Because it’s YOUR fault the media is reacting the way they are.  They know you’re eating this stuff up, as evidenced by the following Sheen gained on Twitter.  Charlie Sheen is more popular than our president.  He’s more popular than, dare I say it, Jesus.  The only person Charlie Sheen isn’t more popular than is, in New England anyway, Tom Brady.  But that’s because New Englanders have a thing for heroes who are well past having another chance to win it all.  They just can’t let go, like the winters that move in and cause us all to be miserable for several months. 

But I digress…

The American media is a bunch of idiots.  But you have to give them some credit because they have identified their audience as a bunch of idiots also.  As long as you keep feasting on the sludge their shoveling, the more sludge they’re going to shovel.  And while that give and take continues, the real stories that affect our lives will continue to be given a second class license to derive any real thought from our brains.

And that turns into what we call the media brainwashing the masses.

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  1. Tony

     /  December 23, 2012

    KDawg that news you describ is pretty bleak, lacking in warmth, life, or kindliness. Ya I know is that not how the world is. I don’t see you much has a TV watcher anyhow. Tell me you don’t watch ID channel PLEASE! Always found radio much more interesting, stimulates the imagination and inflates the thought process. IE: baseball games. Sheen makes me laugh, and if it weren’t for that tight little ass on that Jenner girl I could care less about the Kardashians.

    • KDawg

       /  December 23, 2012

      Sometimes I get really fed up with the media. I used to be a member of the media. I just left a job where I had media vans parked in the parking lot every day, with reporters ramming cameras in our faces, provoking us and trying to get sound bites. It’s just frustrating to me. I completely understand what the residents of the town of Newtown are going through as far as wishing the press would just leave their town. I’m not much of a TV watcher except for some classic reruns of some shows from back when and DVR’ed Jimmy Fallon shows. I get my share of news fed into my brain but I try not to get that from TV. ID channel? Nope. I am much more apt to watch Animal Planet, Discovery Channel or even the DIY network!

  2. Mink

     /  March 6, 2011

    I’m not really sheen what you are talking asheen. I sheen, isn’t it important to sheen what is really going sheen out there? I sheen really? I was just sheening the other day and holy sheen what a sheen. I can’t even besheen my sheen!


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