Sarah Palin – More Than Just Belly Button Lint?

Sarah Palin's AlaskaMy wife and I are generally in to nature-type satellite TV programming.  I guess it all started with the Animal Planet network, then the Discovery Channel and the natural progression through to the billions and billions of options available to us now.  One day while performing a TIVO search we stumbled upon Sarah Palin’s Alaska on TLC.  We saw a few previews and it looked interesting so we gave it a try.

At first I didn’t know it was categorized as a reality program – I’m normally leery of those.  But after close inspection I found myself enjoying the show.  Not only did I find the scenery and footage worthwhile, but I also found enjoyment in seeing the other side of Sarah that faced away from the political spotlight she was thrust into during the last presidential election.  The realization that she’s just a mom who struggles with the same issues related to raising a family that everyone else does interested me.

I don’t think Sarah is anywhere close to being the president of this country but I do appreciate the hands-on approach she takes with things.  She wants to learn about as many things as she can and she tries to instill that inquisitive nature into her kids.  She has a deep pride and respect for her home state and seems to always be looking for ways to make it better and less one or two-dimensional.  This approach could actually help her in the political arena but I don’t think she has enough experience and knowledge about foreign affairs and other issues outside of Alaska that could land her in office.

She is, on many terms, too normal to be seriously considered to run this country.  She is too straight forward.  She doesn’t care about the media’s perception of her and she’s not afraid to make mistakes.  Those qualities alone would doom any chances she might have of going far into the role of leadership, and that is a rather sad state of affairs.  Unfortunately the political status quo in this country would devour her just like the spawning salmon in Alaska are blood meal for the bears that await them riverside. 

I didn’t think much of Sarah Palin before watching her show but now I have a different perspective.  She is a mama bear, protective of her children yet at the same time a nurturing, gentle sort of stability and strength.  She is strong-willed and a go-getter and she likes to roll up her sleeves and get dirty.  I’m sure when she signed on to do the show she felt it would possibly help her political career but it may be backfiring on her because she is showing that she is just another human being like you and I and not the typical politician.  Unfortunately in this country, that sort of perspective gets you nowhere, and that’s the real tragedy in the world of politics today.

We'll All Carry Guns...Unless, of course, she picked up Ted Nugent as a running mate!

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  1. Mink

     /  December 31, 2010

    I have recently had the opportunity to see Sarah Palins new show and have the same feeling you do. It was refreshing to see this side of her. She really is “normal” and not your run of the mill politician. She doesn’t care what others think, she believes in what she believes in and that’s that. She is not swayed by what she “should” like or dislike. I would think that many other Americans can relate to her better now that they have seen this side of her.

    Keep up the great blog! Love your stuff!


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