Boston Encourages Cell Phone Use And Texting While Driving

I left work yesterday and merged into the regular hassle of congested roadways that lead me back to my home sanctuary.  It was a usual day except in the fact it was Friday, which normally means I can stomach the insanity of the Boston Metro West commute a little easier.  Commuting in Boston is second worst only to Los Angeles in that there is simply too much volume and not enough roadway bandwidth to handle it.  Because of Boston’s age, the road infrastructure has no…structure.  These two factors make commuting in Boston proper a nightmare.  The commute in the suburbs offers an entirely new condition of stupidity caused mainly by the lack of multi lane roads and speed limits that discourage the pressing down on one’s gas pedal.  It’s mostly two lane, winding roads that have 35 mile per hour speed limits.  This is the foundation of the crappy Boston commute.  That makes everything bad enough.

It’s a sad story indeed.  Boston drivers continually rank among the nation’s most rude.  In the ten years I have lived here I haven’t found that to be the case at all.  What I have found is Boston area drivers drive like they have no place to go.  They drive five miles per hour under the posted speed limit, they tend to stop and let other drivers into traffic that don’t have the right of way, and they don’t understand the concepts of how traffic lights work.  And please, don’t get me started on the basics of turning right on red.

As I was stopped at the light in downtown Framingham on my way home I casually looked around at every vehicle near me.  Know what I saw?  Every driver in every car was talking on a cell phone.  I mean EVERY driver.  I am on record as stating that driving and talking on cell phones do not mix and is a dangerous combination.  I can’t tell you how many times I have been in front of or behind someone driving and talking on their cell phone.  These morons drive erratically at best and pose a serious danger to others.  It’s hard enough just driving around here, and harder still being on the road with these disasters waiting to happen.

I can remember a time when cell phones first came out and they were used on the road for emergency purposes only.  But as technology has evolved, every human on the planet now feels the need to have a cell phone attached to their ear 24 hours a day.  After time, even THAT wasn’t good enough.  A phone that allowed people to talk to each other simply became outdated, so being able to text on a phone had to be included otherwise the human race would vanish in a plume of vaporized ash.  I work in the IT world so you’d think I’d love this kind of technology but in truth, I can’t stand it.  I hate what it’s done to our society and I hate even more what it has done to driving conditions everywhere.

I could get statistics off the web concerning accidents involving cell phones but that would seriously interrupt my rant.  I could research current and pending laws that prohibit cell phone use and texting while driving but that would just make me more upset because not enough states and municipalities have anything on their books that address these issues.  Some day lawmakers must wake up and realize the dangers of driving and cell phone use.  I can tell you this much – if I were ever in an accident and the other guy was talking on his cell phone or texting when it happened I would pummel him on the spot and I wouldn’t give a damn about any assault charges that would result.

The people I share the road with have a hard enough time managing driving and breathing at the same time.  When you add cell phones into the mix you’re asking for trouble.  It’s just like Steve-O sticking a raw chicken in his butt crack and trapezing over a pool of alligators like they did in Jackass the Movie. 

Is it imperative that people talk on their cells phones while driving?  Is any conversation THAT important that you should put the safety and well-being of others at risk?  I would venture a guess that at least 99% of all cell phone discussions while driving aren’t a doctor talking someone through a complicated surgery or a mission control guy handling the countdown and launch of a space shuttle mission.  I would safely assume that most of these conversations are unimportant ramblings inspired by society’s idiotic need to have non-face-to-face empty discussions about unimportant, trivial nonsense.

Does that make the elevated risk on the road ok?  If you are involved in an accident and you discover that the person who just totaled your BMW was on the phone with their girlfriend discussing the last episode of Lost right when they wacked you, are you going to be happy about that?  Or are you going to take his cell phone and smash it over his soft-shelled skull?  Well, if you’re going to go that far, break both of his legs, too.

And of course, the next day when you hit the road for your commute in your rental car, the first thing you do after pulling out of the driveway is call your best buddy on your cell phone to tell him about the accident you were in the day before and how the suckwad that hit you was yakking on his cell phone at the time.

Boston area drivers aren’t rude.  They are, quite eloquently, stupid.

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