Won’t Get Fooled Again – The Who ROCK The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl was one hell of a game, especially if you were rooting for the Saints.  I say good for them and good for the city of New Orleans.  They’ve waited long enough for their championship and they’ve had to endure more than most of us the past few years since Hurricane Katrina.

Yes, a great game, but an even better halftime show!  The Who proved once again that they still can rock out with the best of them and the NFL proved that putting one worthy band on the stage during the world’s biggest television event works out better than having a bunch of lip-synching kids running around half-naked singing songs no one cares about.

The performance was the band’s first North American gig since 2008.  They opened their set with Pinball Wizard and the playlist was a perfect tribute to The Who’s most popular live tunes including Baba O’Riley, Behind Blue Eyes, the finale of Tommy, and Won’t Get Fooled Again.  The NFL picked the perfect band for this year’s halftime show.  Know why?  All you had to do was listen to hear the crowd singing along with every song.  Just as the band did with the release of My Generation back in 1965, they seemed to have started another British Invasion when the crowd was very vocal in singing Won’t Get Fooled Again, a seemingly new anthem for all of us tired of the way the world is these days.

Roger Daltry proved to me he can still belt out songs with conviction and heart.  He beautifully masked his inability to hit those high notes he once was able to, by singing with grit and altering the octave.  Pete Townshend can still windmill his way through power chords and did a great job as usual providing his backing vocals.  Although half of this historic band is gone forever, The Who featured two people we should be quite familiar with – that drummer was Zak Starkey (Ringo Starr’s son) and on rhythm guitar, Simon Townshend, Pete’s younger brother.

The Super Bowl always puts together an expansive presentation for their halftime shows, but this year’s laser experience was utterly unbelievable!  This production perfectly accommodated the type of live show we have come to expect from The Who.  The show was a visual treat and an audio feast for anyone’s pallet regardless if you’re a football fan or not.  The NFL woke up and finally realized the main demographic that consumes their product isn’t 13 to 21 year-olds, but rather those of us who drive this country.

Sure, the Super Bowl is a two-week bundle of hype, speculation, and in most cases, a game of under achievement.  Although this year featured a rare exciting and competitive game, the NFL did a fabulous job in assuring at least a spectacular halftime show featuring a band most of us really care about.  It was wonderful to see The Who up on that stage, still rocking, still getting it right, and still getting a huge response from those in attendance and those sitting at home gorging on crappy food and their beverage of choice.

Long Live Rock!  Long live The Who!

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