Farewell, Bay Cove

Bay Cove Human ResourcesThe following is my farewell message to Bay Cove Human Services, the company I have worked for the past 10 1/2 months.  I post this as a tribute to those who have changed my life since I went to work there, and to let them know how much I appreciate them.  Yeah, in many cases it was “just another place to work”, but it was truly a different, enlightening experience for me, one that will leave a mark and a lasting impact…   

Today is my final day at Bay Cove.  As I look back on my experience here, I would be dreadfully disappointed if I didn’t take a moment to congratulate you on the work each of you do.  Please bear with me as I say my goodbyes…   

My first experience at Bay Cove was interviewing with Hilary Croach.  During that interview, Hilary gave me an overview of what the agency does and how it does it.  Hilary told me that I would be directly involved with helping our clients.  Interviewing being interviewing, I thought perhaps he was attempting a sales pitch on me.  I asked him, “Really?  I can actually have a hand in directly helping people through web development?”  He assured me it was true.  I was coming from the “bottom-line-driven gotta-make-a-buck” corporate world where helping people certainly wasn’t on the agenda.   

After a short time at the agency, I realized that Hilary was telling me the truth.  I was able to write software that helped our people help our clients.  As my time here increased, I was able to meet several of our clients and thus I learned to understand them better.  This experience is the greatest thing I take with me from Bay Cove.   

Dan Boynton still follows his original vision for Bay Cove with conviction and passion.  I applaud him.  Dan’s efforts should garner him the key to this city but I know he’s not concerned about that.  His drive to deliver H1N1 vaccinations to our clients, staff and anyone else who wanted them should win him a Nobel Peace Prize…but he doesn’t care about that.  

 Stan Connors is the most compassionate man I have known.  Stan cares deeply not only about our clients but also the staff of Bay Cove.  Stan is a true advocate and his tireless efforts beyond doubt improve the quality of life for Bay Cove clients and its employees.  Stan, I want to thank you for always having an open door and an open mind.  Stan’s first question to me to begin a conversation always was, “Are you enjoying what you’re doing here?”

Bill Sprague

Thank you Bill for always being approachable and a regular human being.  It’s nice to work with a CEO who doesn’t sit in a tower looking down upon his servants.  You are driven toward the common Bay Cove goal with a humbled humanity that I appreciate.

 I congratulate and respect each and every one of you for your tireless work on behalf of Bay Cove’s clients.  It has been my pleasure working with you in an effort to provide the tools you need to make your jobs easier and more efficient.  I have enjoyed having you as my customers.  Through your efforts and through meeting several clients I have developed a new attitude toward those who live their lives with challenges and obstacles I never before understood.  Now, instead of passing a homeless person on the street and frowning down on them, I’ll buy them a sandwich and wish them well, and I have a better understanding of why they are in the position they’re in.  Instead of looking at a developmentally disabled person with indifference I view them now with compassion, advocacy, and a desire to help.  These things you have all taught me and I am forever grateful.  I think it makes me a better person.   

In closing this thank you note…my wife Kim and I live in Maynard on the banks of the Assabet River.  On our shoreline, we have a cove-shaped area.  This is where our waterfowl, wetland birds, beavers, river otters, etc. come to get out of the strong current of the river.  Here they can fish, eat and frolic in the calm waters and we enjoy them all so much.  That’s what Bay Cove is to our clients – a place, an organization where they can learn, with your help, to make their lives better outside of the current of the city that would otherwise sweep them away downstream.   

Thank you all, and I congratulate you on your hard work on behalf of Bay Cove’s clients!  What you do truly makes a difference in many, many lives every day.

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