Father Time Says Move On, Dick Clark

When I was a kid and a younger adult, I always enjoyed watching Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve on ABC.  I, like most everyone else, was amazed at how this guy never seemed to age and I admired him for the way he weaved himself into the American fabric for so many years.

Dick Clark turned 80 recently, and after his stroke in 2004 has been struggling with his speech and motor skills.  Is it time for him to give up his annual New Year’s Eve ball drop?  You bet it is.

Watching him on New Years Eve has now become an uncomfortable sojourn into watching a once great entertainer desperately hanging on to something he shouldn’t be doing anymore.  I tune into the show on New Year’s Eve now just as a morbid curiosity, just like attending a freak show at the circus.  These years now sadden me when I see him.  Yes, he still has something left of that youthful vigor, but now I end the year almost feeling shameful.  Shameful for watching him and a shame I feel for ABC to allow him to continue his annual ritual.

Some say he should be congratulated for his effort and commended for his strong will to continue in what was once a role that represented a young America.  But let’s face the reality here – Mr. Clark is now showing not only his age, but the audacity of a major television network to continue ramming him down our throats as an unworthy host to ring in the New Year.

I respect Dick Clark.  I respect others like him that move forward after suffering such a traumatic episode in their lives.  But it’s not un-American to divulge the fact that in the world of show business and entertainment, Dick Clark isn’t the shining hero on top of his game anymore.

As much as I am not a Ryan Seacrest fan, maybe it’s time to turn that hosting and countdown to the ball drop over to him before ABC allows Dick Clark to make an absolute idiot out of himself on national TV.

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