Merry Christmas To KDawg’s Dawgs

It’s that Christmastime of year and I would be remise if I didn’t wish a Merry Christmas to my favorite Dawgs, KDawg’s Dawgs

Merry Christmas Saukee.  Merry Christmas Cheli.  And in special remembrance, Merry Christmas, Skillet. 

To my Dawgs I have to say that no matter how crazy things get or how distressed I may become during the normal passing of days, you never fail to lift me up and make me feel grateful for everything I have and even things I don’t.  Your devotion and ever-showing gratitude are things that I cling to and depend on and you never let me down. 

Sure, I have a wonderful wife who I love dearly and more than anything in the world, but my Dawgs and I have a unique relationship.  We lean on each other for so many things and what they give back to me cannot be measured in any human form.  It goes so far beyond the happily wagging tails at the door when I come home.  It’s something I see in their eyes during the quiet times.  It’s the trust they have in me and me in them.  It’s a common bond that we share, with me as their master and they as my children.  It’s give and take that never seems forced or inconvenient. 

So for you both, my Christmas eCards…  

Merry Christmas, Saukee Sioux, my Queen of Sparkling Water
My pup, my Schnioux, my beautiful brindled daughter
Each day that passes I look into your beautiful eyes and I marvel at you.
The warmth of your soul, your playful spirit, and the silly things that you do.
You have been my daughter since a pup and I protect you as my child
When you are cuddling with your blanket or outside, running wild.
Your eagerness to please, your clown-like ways and your passion for living
Make having you as my friend my pleasure and worth giving all worth giving.
As we acknowledge those special to us during this holiday season
I pause and think of you and I find many the reason
My life is better with you by my side.
Merry Christmas, Saukee Sioux.


For my pal Cheli on this Christmas
My wishes are for me, though not selfishly
My wishes aren’t worthy of you, my proud friend
They are only a useless waste of time for one such as you.
My wish for me is to be more like you in so many ways
To have your patience and your gentle way
To have your intent listening and your cheerful disposition
To be unflappable and strong, yet soft and mild.
I want to mock your apathy and draw upon your concern
Yet show how excited a child can be and be so willing to learn
I want to be like you in so many ways
That’s my wish for you, Cheli, on this Christmas Day.

I have had the fortune of owning and knowing many dawgs.  Some for brief periods and some for their entire lives.  Each dawg I have known has affected me in different ways and helped me to see things differently.  Each of them has taught me something about dawgs, the world, and myself.  It wouldn’t be right to not say a Christmas wish to Skillet, who departed in 2006 after living a life full of joy, adventure and bringing happiness to all who knew her. 

Merry Christmas, Skillet, it’s been three years now since we’ve touched,
Since you licked my face and allowed me to bend down to scratch your ears.
It’s been that long since I’ve seen your stub of a tail wagging
And to watch you sleep in deep, calm affinity.
Even now after so many years I realize there is no void left behind
Because I still have my memories of you right here in my heart.
Merry Christmas, Skillet
We miss you every day and remember you always.
Sniff sniff.
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  1. Saukee & Cheli

     /  January 6, 2010


    Thank you for those nice ecards. We both love you, too! You are the best dad any dawg could have.

    And look! We can type even WITHOUT thumbs!

    Saukee and Cheli


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