Obama, You Can Speak To My Kids

hipocrisyLabor Day is over.  Most of us made it through the weekend unscathed.  Jerry Lewis came up five million dollars short of last year’s telethon record, which is pretty good considering the last thing people want to do in a crappy economy is chip in and help those who need it.  There is no current steroid scandal in baseball, the auto makers are on the other side of bankruptcy and the economy seems to have bottomed out.

What can the news media and America conjure up to bitch and moan about now?  Anything?  Can anyone think of anything?

Well yes, we found a way to break the slow news week!  School is starting around the country and president Obama gave a pep talk to our kids in our schools.  Via the Internet he wanted to tell them to stay in school, to work hard, and find what they are good at.  He said to each one watching and listening that we all have something we’re good at.  He said to stay in school no matter if you don’t like some of your classes.  He encouraged our kids to be perseverant, hang in there and do well.  He also encouraged them to set goals for themselves.

And now people are actually complaining that he used his talk as political propaganda, aimed at brainwashing our kids to become whacked-out nut job Obama politicos ready to die for each of his causes.  And of course the news media had to jump aboard and take these objections to the nation to see how many people they could get to agree with that ridiculous view. 

Sometimes the news media makes politicians and even investment rip-off artists look like angels from heaven.

This is BULLSHIT.  People, look at the paragraph I wrote about what Obama said to the kids.  Are those things examples of what you would say to your own kids as they enter school?  What parent in their right mind would try to convince their own kids otherwise?

“Son, I want you to suck at school.  I want you to blow off your homework, skip your classes and smoke dope all day, and get the worst grades you can possibly get so you can go nowhere in your life.  In fact, if you do poorly enough maybe you can wind up living under a freeway overpass just like your Uncle Bill in Miami.”

At least it’s usually warm in Miami, but freeway overpasses generally suck as an address no matter where you are.

It’s true that Obama had originally planned to outline some of his policies to the kids in his original address, but he dropped that from his speech days before he gave it.  It doesn’t matter anyway – all that matters is what he ended up saying.  I can’t imagine a better way to tell kids to work hard and stay in school than how he said it.  And yet people are bitching about it?

You’re on my last nerve, America.

When Obama came back to Washington after his address he was greeted by several demonstrators holding signs saying things like, “Leave my children alone” and the like.  You know what?  Maybe if more parents would say to their children the things that Obama said, Obama wouldn’t have to say it in the first place.  Maybe he could just go about his business of trying to solve our economic problems or catch some bad guys in Afghanistan or something.  But no, you have to bitch like an ultra conservative riding a wave of unenlightened righteousness.

I am so sick of people getting their underwear in a bundle over every little thing.  I am sick of them forcing their ill-directed opinions down our throats when they’re not smart enough to know that by doing so they are admitting their own guilt about how they raise or don’t raise their own children.

I am also tired people bitching about how our president tends to get his ass out there and actually talk and listen to people.  People bitched about him going on the road with his town hall meetings to talk about healthcare reform.  They complain about him addressing kids in school, encouraging them to do their best.  But they sure don’t complain when he’s out on the links playing golf on his vacation, or even interrupting that vacation to give the eulogy at Edward Kennedy’s funeral.  What a crappy way to end your vacation, but the guy did it and did it well.

In this country you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.  It’s just like that line of bullshit that says you’re innocent until proven guilty.  What a load of nicely texturized dog shit!  In this country you’re assumed guilty if you’ve made it all the way through an indictment and the plea bargain process to a trial.  Plain and simple and don’t try to tell me otherwise because you’re WRONG.

If you’re the president, people complain if you spend your time working in the office and they bitch if you’re out communicating with the public that elected you.   Damn it, America, you’ve got me pissed off again and I’m getting sick of it!!  When are you going to stop your constant whining and just get on with it?  No wonder this country is such a mess – no one can get together and agree to move forward.

Obama addressed OUR kids at OUR schools in OUR country and we ELECTED him as OUR president.  Can’t you see the hypocrisy there?  America is so wishy washy that if you don’t have something to complain about, you let the news media make something up for you.  It’s pretty rare these days that we as a population actually give the media a fire to stoke, but that’s what we’ve done in this case.  Give the liberal news media a hot coal and they can fan it into a national freaking firestorm!  If you didn’t vote for the guy, then suck it up and let your voice be heard in the next election!

I didn’t vote for Obama and I couldn’t care less if he’s president of this country or not.  But you, America, are making his job harder than it has to be because you have abandoned him.  He needs us just as much as we need him.  Really, if I were president and the people I represented treated me the way America treats him, I’d either move to Sweden or tell you all to go to hell and banish you to the deepest depths of Mississippi or Alabama.

Maybe you can find a freeway overpass to live under once they figure out how to build roads down there.

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