Healthscare Reform

Everyone’s bustin’ a nut over healthcare these days. President Obama is on the road trying to sell his plan which he knows no details of, states are whining because they have too many people without health insurance and Joe Average is struggling just to keep the care he’s got. Prices are out of control, availability is out of reach and we’ve got a damn pandemic to worry about. Does anyone remember anything about Swine Flu? N748D37G hut! hut! is what it’s called, I think…

Does anyone have a solution? Or is this one of those American issues that will never get resolved, like Roe V. Wade, medical marijuana or us inflicting unwanted democracy in the Middle East?

As with most problems we as a country face, our healthcare problems are deeply based on greed and ignorance. I’ve talked about my proposed solution with several people and most come away thinking I’m a Communist. Well, I have gone on record on many occasions as being a fan of Communism.

No, I’m not talking about the form that features greedy government making their people live in poverty or under an iron fist. I’m talking about the pure form of Communism that spreads wealth evenly, where everyone shares in the whole.

Is there a reason why I go to work every day and make a salary yet paying doctors by salary is a rarity? Does anyone see the benefit of paying doctors a set salary like everyone else? The way the system works now, doctors are more or less salesmen, getting paid for ordering unnecessary tests and procedures for their patients. How easy is it to talk a patient into having tests done? Gee, take a guess. The patient usually doesn’t know any better.

Last month Obama paid a visit to a place in Ohio where the doctors were all paid a salary. He said it should be a model for modern healthcare. And why not? It keeps costs down and doctors don’t waste patient’s time by ordering tests and procedures they don’t necessarily need. Unless a doctor is an idiot, he shouldn’t have to order 20 batteries of tests to find out what’s wrong with someone. That is what medical school is for.

Of course, part of this issue is the fact that doctors are in bed with the pharmaceutical companies. It is now the American medical standard to medicate a patient rather than cure what ails them. This passive approach to medicine makes some people very rich but also forces healthcare to take a giant step backward. This also keeps doctors focused on practicing medicine instead of perfecting it.

I’d rather have a doctor use some sort of archaic technique to cure me, like applying leaches to 85 percent of my body rather than be forced to down eight pills every morning and having to worry about nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, uncontrollable erections, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth and whatever other side effects may occur. All because this clown of a doctor went to a convention in Vegas and was offered all the gold in Egypt if he prescribed a certain drug a certain number of times per year.

And there is another side of this whole thing that I won’t go into now, and that is all of these supposedly “new” ailments we are suffering. They are being caused by the CRAP food we consume, based heavily on corn derivatives, artificial this and that and preservatives.

We need to stop the madness in the healthcare industry before each of us is priced out of the market or before medicine becomes more of a joke than it is now from a quality perspective. Pay the doctors by salary and let them focus on curing people instead of covering up their symptoms with useless medications.

It’s not the complete answer, but it’s a start. The costs need to come down, people need and deserve better care, and people need to stop raping the system in an attempt to get rich. Doctors shouldn’t become doctors to get rich – they should become doctors out of a sincere desire to HELP people and ease their suffering.

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