Fly Our Flag Right Or Don’t Fly It At All

Our flag was conceived through battle scars, sacrifice, personal pain and our inherent right to struggle to become the greatest nation on this planet. Our flag represents all of these things and more. Our flag also represents freedoms that belong to any citizen regardless of national boundary, and certain rights to those who live by those freedoms. Our flag is seen as a beacon to those who live in the darkness of tyranny and a source of strength to those unfortunate enough to be suppressed by brutality and religious idiocy. 

Our flag isn’t a statement of hate to those we battled against to gain our freedom, nor is it meant to be shoved in another country’s face as to force our privileges upon them. Friends, our flag is to be displayed as a true gesture of our heritage with the hope that other nations can find the same in what it stands for. Nations that today fight for what we have do not take these things for granted as unfortunately many Americans do.
I know these things yet I cannot be considered a patriotic maniac by any stretch. It’s true that I did feel an increased sense of patriotism after the attacks of 9/11, but who wouldn’t? I believe the United States is a great place to live and one of the few places on Earth where you can chase a dream and become anything you want to work hard enough for. But I also know this country has many faults and many things need to be fixed (including

keeping sick people off of airplanes!). In fact, if someone were to ask me today what my favorite country is, I’d have to reply with an answer of Canada or Sweden. But that’s something for another post.

It irks me to no end to see the desecration of our flag. There will always be countries that deem it necessary to attach our flag to a tree branch, set it ablaze and dance around it like some ancient African Zulu tribe. It still amazes me how they can get those idiot students in Iran to act like those old wacky Zulus, but year after year they do. There are a lot of countries around the world that see our flag as a token of oppression, aggression and sadistic rule. Hard to believe, but that is certainly true, and that shows how kooky some places are. But, it is what it is and that’s how it will always be.
When I see our flag defiled on our own soil, though, I suddenly feel a need to vomit. Yes, we Americans have our personal rights, but the idiots who use our flag in a disrespectful way within the boundaries of this country are simply wrong. I’m referring to those buttheads who have the gall to protest their point while using our flag in a manor parallel with some of the Iranian rituals by their homegrown Zulus. This is our country! If you want to burn our flag within our borders then do us all a favor – first wrap the flag around your head and THEN set it on fire.
Silly little protests and flag burnings aren’t the only way Americans disrespect our flag. I would bet that if you paid attention on your drive in to work today and looked at each flag you saw hoisted up on a pole, you’d see the other form of disrespect and it’s out there every day. Day after day you can spot it and it’s just as reprehensible as burning the thing. According to the official rules of flying the American flag, it is disrespectful to fly any flag that is faded, worn, torn or in disrepair in any way.
Many companies fly a flag on their premises but I’m not sure why. Look at them – many are torn, shredded and faded. Some are so faded you can’t tell exactly what’s being flown up there on that flagpole. It could be a sheet set or a painting tarp for all I know. Corporate flag fliers do this type of thing more often than the guy who has a flagpole in his front yard. These corpo-clowns just hoist a flag up there and forget about it instead of doing the right thing and shelling out that big $20 when a new flag is needed. Right, they simply don’t have enough money, I guess.
When you see a flag flown like this, you are seeing the flag flyer demeaning the efforts and sacrifices made for this country to be able to proudly fly the flag in the first place. Maybe it’s laziness, maybe you just don’t have the time to notice you’re flying a disgrace to your country. Maybe you don’t have the extra ten minutes it takes to stop at a store to buy a new one. I don’t give a crap what your excuse is – get your ass down to a store and shell out a few dollars for a shiny new American flag that you can show off for all of your neighbors to see!
If you’re going to fly our flag, fly it right! You never know – it may even rekindle some pride deep within yourself for this great country you live in!

Now, once you buy your new flag, destroy your old one correctly. If you’re not certain how to prepare your old flag for disposal, don’t rely on me to tell you how to do it. If you’ve already gone through the toil of getting a new one, hop on your computer and google “proper flag disposal”. Damn, I just did it for you – go

here. Surprisingly enough, the proper method of flag disposal is by burning. Pretty ironic, wouldn’t you say? Be very careful while entering that search phrase – if you accidentally forget to type that “l” in “flag” you’ll find yourself forever lost in an entirely different kind of web hell than you bargained for! You’ll find an amazing number of ways to rid your community of homos and cross dressers.

Do some research for yourself. Current and former Boy Scouts know the etiquette surrounding our flag but very few others do. For example, did you know there is a certain protocol followed when lowering a flag to half-staff and raising it back up to full-staff? You don’t just move the flag to the desired position on the pole, tie it off and walk away.
For something that represents so much at home and around the world we owe it to ourselves and to those who have given us the right to fly our great flag to understand the responsibilities that come with it. Ooh! I get to do another peom!
She watches over our great land, waving her strength fore
Teaching us the meaning of pride, devotion and sacrifice
But she did not reach her destination without struggle
And to her we owe our respect and fortune
Each star and each stripe represents someone you know
The past, the present and the future are all woven into her fabric
Every battle, every victory and every loss is revealed on her face
As you look up and see her waving graciously to you
She is there to welcome you home and to bid a safe journey
She is there in sadness, sorrow, joy and celebration
She is our solemn reminder of the most precious sacrifices made

She is the true ambassador of our great nation

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