Responsibility Is Not My Responsibility

There is a phrase I have heard several times that really confounds me. “Don’t fix the problem, fix the blame.” It’s funny because I have used this phrase on occasion and have meant it in a clearly sarcastic sense but for some reason people always take me seriously when I say it. I suppose it comes down to how people are trained to think. It’s a cop-out statement but unfortunately it can be applied to so many areas of our daily lives. It has slithered its way into almost every fabric of our society from personal relationships to our judicial system. On the bright side, you most likely will not find this attitude in traveling circuses and carnivals. Leave it to those wacky carnies to cut through the crap and get down to the realness of the situation.

Because of the way I was raised I know that I must always take responsibility for my actions. I am in control of what I say and do, how I act, and yes, even my own destiny. If I’m not in control of these things I’d better be prepared to suffer the consequences of my actions. Well, either that or I am lying in a hospital bed with tubes rammed up into my orifices and I’m not breathing on my own. But for the sake of argument let’s say I’m standing upright and I am fully conscious. Anyway, there seems to have been some sort of interruption or strange, unexplained blip in the way people have evolved that suggests no one is accountable for their actions anymore. No matter what happens, the blame can always be manipulated to fall upon someone else’s shoulders.
Manson murders.

It is now possible to lie, cheat, steal, commit murder or adultry, cheat on your taxes, perform acts of fraud or public indecency and even take steroids as a baseball player and get away with it. You know what? In the town I live in, skateboarding on the sidewalk is against the law so nobody does it. Yet all around us, every day and everywhere, we have people breaking the big laws and getting away with it. It’s not an art, it’s not a science, it doesn’t take someone with an extraordinarily high IQ to pull it off, either. All it takes is one to subscribe to the theory of fixing the blame and not the problem.

In all actuality it’s not a theory. The entire concept is backed by a solid equation that yields the exact results our society has grown accustomed to receiving. The two major components of this equation are lawyers and inordinate idiots who believe they are a victim. Idiots who believe, without a single doubt, that we as a society owe them something because they’re not playing with a full deck. They break the law in an attempt to let us know they need our pitty. They also know the law will eventually provide them with some form of relief or shelter from any legal storm. These idiots are smart enough to know that if they have the proper legal team in place they can get away with just about anything short of replicating the

I’m not just talking about O.J. Simpson or some of the more notorious cases. I’m talking about things that happen every day and everywhere, low profile cases that hardly show up on sonar. Many people thought it was crazy that O.J. got off, yet they’re not even aware that their next door neighbor has already been convicted of child molestation three times! That moron that lives next to you has demonstrated that he is capable of doing it more than once but the legal system still says he can live next to you. The legal system says that he served time so he has been rehabilitated. And when he is arrested for the fourth time on the same charge his lawyer will be the first to tell you that your neighbor had a rough childhood. Your neighbor was abused by his father when he was eight years old. Your neighbor grew up in the penal system and never had a fair shot. Wah wah wah cry me a frickin’ river.Yeah? Well your neighbor just raped a six year-old girl while she was walking to the school bus this morning. Three strikes and you’re out? Ball four take your base? Nope – call your lawyer and manipulate the system again.


There’s got to be a cutoff somewhere. Let’s make laws that aren’t open to interpretation. If a law is written and there is some confusion as to how that law is interpreted, then rewrite the damn law! That way those conniving lawyers can’t twist things and provide their part in the equation. If a law is broken, the person that broke that law should be held accountable and be punished in a manner dictated by the law that was broken. Bring on capital punishment! Bring on responsibility! It’s about time people are held accountable for their actions. Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.

Once we get that part of our society corrected we can start working on getting our government to abide by the laws they have enacted to regulate themselves. These political clowns make the O.J.s and rapists of the world seem like kids at play.

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