What Is “Unknown Quantity”, Huh?

Unknown Quantity as to how it relates to me or to you, for that matter, really has nothing to do with physics, quantum theory, quadratic equations or, in some cases, even rational thought. Unknown Quantity is the name of the book I spent the summer of 2005 writing. Yup, I spent time every weekend writing this thing and when it was finished, I was really proud of what I had done. But, as most unpublished writers know, writing a book and getting it published are two distinctly different things.

Unknown Quantity is a summation, a snapshot view of my perception of the world around us. It defines what it is, what it should be and why it isn’t. I discuss topics such as why kids suck, why people that own McMansions are idiots, why Americans will never give up smoking, why we suck at dieting, and why Muslims around the world generally hate us here in the United States. I rely on two methods of delivery during my discussion – fact and sarcasm.

When you examine our world today how can one not be so disenchanted by it to realize that sarcasm is the only viable avenue in which we can travel to accurately describe it? The various forms of entertainment available to us, the political structures around the globe, the news media and even sports can seem utterly useless and a complete waste of time. Although these things appear to us as being a necessity in our lives they actually mock our existence and thrive off our inability to secure any true meaning from them.


My version of Unknown Quantity still lives and you will from time to time see excerpts from it in this blog. Just click on the Unknown Quantity category link and you’ll see them. More and more will become available over time. You may agree with some, and some will make you want to do great bodily harm to me. In any case, they are designed to make you think and possibly even try looking at things from a somewhat different perspective.
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